Finding IT talent in ten days is already possible

Born just under two years ago, TalentFY has entered the IT recruiting market as a disruptive technology solution. Thanks to its platform and its own Artificial Intelligence technology, TalentFY assigns the best freelance IT recruiters to fill a position in less than 10 days.

Santi Molins, CEO of the company, explains: “The market for IT talent and technology profiles is completely out of balance and the vast majority of its workers are not actively looking for a job, so companies need external help to find a job. their ideal candidate. The market wasn’t offering a good solution and that’s why we founded TalentFY. “

Faced with this situation, Santi Molins (Barcelona – 1987) and Pere Rosell (Girona – 1990), CEO and CTO of the company respectively, decided to develop a market place that could help companies (start-ups, SMEs and large companies) to optimize their selection processes, adding value where it is most needed: delivering more quality candidates in less time.

This way, clients receive only the best candidates and in just 10 days they find their ideal candidate.

A great capacity for growth

Until today, the company has managed to raise a round of 180,000 euros. In addition, last September, TalentFY signed a loan with the public financial entity ENISA for an amount of € 115,000. Currently, 13 professionals from various fields make up the company’s team, which plans to reach 17 employees by 2021.

Despite the Covid19, the company reached 250.00 euros in turnover in 2020 and a positive EBITDA. Indeed, although the pandemic has had a great impact on other sectors, the recruitment of IT profiles was among the first to increase, good growth prospects are therefore expected for the company and it is expected to reach around 800,000. € turnover for this year 2021.

On the other hand, last April, TalentFY succeeded in integrating the Netmentora ecosystem, the largest collective and cross-intelligence network in Europe. After a few months of analysis of its economic model, the committee decided to reward TalentFY by granting it free access to the consultancy network for two years, valued at € 60,000.

Without a doubt, this recognition offers TalentFY a great opportunity to develop its activity, while allowing it to come into contact with people and companies that can boost its growth. Netmentora’s mentoring program, as well as its collective intelligence network, allow new thinking and ideas that can lead to new growth strategies.

At the service of your customers and partners

To date, companies such as Shargo, MiCuento and Cleverea, as well as large companies such as Lidl, Cirsa and Telefnica, and technology consultancy firm Barrabs, are a few references who have chosen to trust the ability of TalentFY. In this sense, Sonia Alias, Director of Human Resources at Barrabs, explains: “From TalentFY, I would highlight two main factors: the ability to reach passive candidates and the ability to understand the entire environment and client needs. . In the same vein, Muriel Bourgeois, CEO of MiCuento, underlines that “speed was essential to continue working with TalentFY. In just 10 days, they presented us with 13 candidates. This allowed us to complete the process of a Paid Marketing in 3 weeks “.

The company also seeks to create synergies with other companies that help them achieve their growth goals and deliver more added value to their customers. In this sense, TalentFY and D’Anchiano have entered into a collaboration agreement that will strengthen the value proposition of both structures. And it is that both solutions save a lot of time (and therefore money) in their selection process. For its part, TalentFY makes it possible to reach the most qualified IT candidates for the required position, while D’Anchiano helps the company to analyze individually the skills of their profiles, allowing the interested company to better know its candidates and to select them more precisely.

Thus, 2 value propositions are mixed within the world of HR based on technological solutions which allow the company to have a larger package than understood separately. The ability to hire your ideal IT profile with a deep understanding of the candidate’s skills allows companies to be much more successful in selecting their ideal candidate.

Present in the “world” of startups

TalentFY will participate from June 28 to July 1 in the next edition of 4YFN, a perfect global technological showcase for any Startup who wants to make themselves known, in addition to learning, sharing ideas and expanding their networks of contacts. On the other hand, this year, its power will be even greater, since it will be held jointly with the MWC (Mobile World Congress).

This event represents a double opportunity for the company: 4YFN and MWC are promoting and fully evolving in the IT sector. In addition, the fact that talent in this niche is rare makes being present at an event of such international repercussion, without a doubt, a great opportunity to reach a directly interested and engaged audience, as well as potential audiences from around the world. collaborators.

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