Fine of up to 180,000 ?? to not keep a correct hourly record of the working hours of your workers

In May 2019, Royal Decree Law 8/2019 entered into force, stipulating that all companies are required to keep a correct hourly record of the working hours of their workers. As a preventive measure against Covid-19, during the last year many companies have opted for teleworking, which does not exempt them from this responsibility, because in the event of non-compliance, they could incur up to € 180,000 d ‘fine.

For this reason, companies opt for easy-to-use electronic signature systems so that their employees can log in wherever they are and without any complications. There are different tools that guarantee the correct recording of time, among which is Nubhora Enterprise, a time control solution that allows you to manage and record employee schedules, control absenteeism and planning, both for people than for resources.

Nubhora Enterprise, the tool that lets you connect wherever you are

This expert time management system provides benefits such as advanced scheduling, shift and calendar design, hourly and daily incident management, graphical tools, expert reports, employee portals and managers, balance sheets and ratios, control dashboards, schedule planning, management of journals and notices, among others.

In addition, this solution has an application for mobile phones so that employees can connect through their smartphone, whether they have an Android or iOS operating system. Nubhora Enterprise APP includes a virtual terminal to mark entries, exits and incidents with geolocation, so that not only employees can connect wherever they are, but it also guarantees the control and management of the team. This APP has functions and characteristics such as a portal for employees and managers, photography and contacts of each employee, receiving notifications and notifications, calendars, days and events, authorization of permits , the creation of requests, delay alerts or the consultation of daily, weekly and monthly balances.

Save your day easily and securely

For companies where their employees telecommute, it’s a relief to know that their employees can connect through their mobile devices or computers without any hassle. Likewise, Nubhora Enterprise has “ contactless ” marking systems, such as facial biometrics or optical sensors, so that employees who work in person in the company avoid any contact with the terminal and thus can comply. the obligation to record your working day. in an agile and, above all, safe way.

With this kind of time management tools, companies can make a correct hourly record of their employees’ working hours, and company employees can log in without any hassle, whether they are working from the desk or from the office. ‘they perform their duties. home.

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