Fire at Kuwait’s largest tire dump is visible from space

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There is a fire in the Kuwait tire dump, approximately 70 lakh of thick black smoke visible from the tirespaceKuwait City
Toxic smoke rises from “the world’s largest tire graveyard.” This scary sight can be seen in the pictures. This place and the smoke rising from it are also visible from space. There are around 7 million tires in a huge pit dug in the sandy soil in the Sulaibiya region of Kuwait. Images of thick smoke rising after the fire in this place spread over six hectares were captured by the satellite.

Questions arise over the cession to Kuwait
These tires would come from Kuwait and other countries, which paid to transport them. Responsibility for disposal has been assigned to four companies. Many have also raised questions about the storage of these combustible materials in a country with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius. The government of Kuwait has started throwing tires in the desert. The plan is to eliminate 95% of the tires that are recycled.

Smoke causes serious illness
In 2012, five million tires were set on fire after a second tire landfill fire in Kuwait. The locals were lucky as the wind blew toxic fumes into the bay. Disposal of used tires remains a problem in many countries. Burning tires releases carcinogenic dioxins into the air. Pollutants can lead to asthma and many serious health problems.

All tires are recycled in the UK
It is estimated that 486,000 tonnes of tires are thrown away each year in the UK. Almost all of them are recycled or reused. Attempts were made in the 1970s and 1980s to create an artificial reef using discarded tires in the Americas and Southeast Asia. However, they turned out to be catastrophic for the environment as the tires uprooted during the storm.

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