First black Pentagon leader: Lloyd Austin became the black Prime Minister of Defense in the United States, Biden’s choice authorized by the Senate

Retired General Lloyd J. of the United States Army Endorsed Joe Biden’s decision to become Austin’s Minister of Defense. With it, Austrin became the black premier of defense in US history. Lloyd Austin served in high military ranks during his 41-year career and broke racist barriers.

Austin becomes second cabinet minister Biden
The Senate confirmed his name by 93 to 2 and was named second minister in President Joe Biden’s cabinet. Previously, Avril Haynes had been appointed director of national intelligence on Wednesday. Biden is expected to approve the names of the other members of the national security team in the coming days, including Antony Blinken as foreign minister.

Biden worked with Austin
Someone associated with this whole affair said Biden chose General Austin because he had always proven himself perfect in times of crisis. He also has a lot of respect in the military. Biden also trusts General Austin as the two worked together while he was vice president. Biden and Austin worked together during the Iraqi crisis. Austin was the last American general to command in Iraq.

Biden was forced to make a black man the Minister of Defense!
Pressure has intensified on Biden to make a black man the country’s defense minister. Commenting on the appointment, Benny Thomson, a colleague of Biden, said the general is from the south of the country and his military career has been excellent. General Austin is ideal for the post of Minister of Defense.

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