First color photo of NASA Mars helicopter: First color photo of NASA Ingenuity helicopter since Mars, know when the flight is over – NASA helicopter just broke

The first photograph of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has been revealed to the world, facing extremely cold nights on the surface of Mars. NASA’s Rover Perseverance has captured the first color photograph of a helicopter landing on the surface of Mars. The US space agency said the small helicopter could fly to Mars for the first time on Monday.

NASA has said that when this helicopter begins to fly, more good images will come. Initially, this helicopter will only fly the test. During this time, it will stay in the air for about 30 seconds. After that he will descend. The purpose of this initial flight is to find out if Mars can also fly outside of Earth.
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The NASA helicopter had won a historic victory earlier. It is the first rotorcraft to be sent to another planet and has now successfully spent a night alone on Mars. He had been attached to the rover since it reached Mars and on Saturday he exited the rover and then walked on the floor of the Red Planet. It is a great success because the temperature can drop to -90 degrees Celsius overnight.

Flight preparation
Now the next step is to test its flight. Mimi Ong, helicopter project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: “For the first time Ingenuity has been on Mars alone, but we know it has the right protection, the right radiator and enough of batteries to stay in the cold nights is for the team is a great victory.We are delighted to prepare for its flight test.

..Thus, the mission was 90% successful
Its rotor blades will be unlocked and its motors and sensors tested. After that, during the experimental flight, the helicopter is able to take off and at a certain distance 90% of the mission will be successful. If it continues to operate even after a successful landing, four more flights will be tested. The need for rotorcraft on Mars is due to the fact that the invisible and unknown surface there is extremely bumpy. Orbiters orbiting Mars can only see clearly from a higher altitude to a limit. At the same time, it is not possible for the rover to go to all corners of the surface. In such a situation, you need a rotorcraft capable of flying to difficult places and taking high definition photos.

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