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Far Cry 6 Game News: First Contact With The Guerrillas! Posted on 05/28/2021 at 7:16 PM When it first appeared, Far Cry 6 immediately stood out from the competition. This is thanks to a well-tempered universe supported by its two main players, but you will see that this is not its only asset to begin with. First contact with the world of Far Cry 6 … The world of this new installment in the famous series of flagship first-person shooters from Ubisoft is strong. With its Cuban inspirations and oppressive heat, Yara is a fictional tropical country with diverse ecosystems that was stuck in time 50 years ago. That already sets the tone and the dictator of this region is none other than Antón Castillo, whose facial features are modeled on those of the actor Giancarlo Esposito, who is known for his role in the series Breaking Bad. But he is not alone as his son is also in the game. Little Diego Castillo, played by Anthony Gonzalez (present in Pixar’s Coco movie in particular) will complete the big villain family duo, and their relationship seems like a new important aspect of storytelling for this Far Cry 6.

A world with character

As in any self-respecting dictatorship, control of the army is ubiquitous and as a member of the guerrillas fighting oppression you will feel this pressure on a daily basis. So the forces of Castillo will be everywhere and you will have to constantly fight to reclaim land by moving from one area to another or from one sentry post to another. A well-known program, but it will be expanded to include a system for creating weapons or vehicles called a resolver. With a name that speaks for itself, that system of ingenuity (which, by the way, really exists …) consists of using whatever you have available to make a weapon. So you have the pistol from the local gas pump turned into a handgun and the makeshift CD launch rifle by the heavy machine gun activated by a moped engine. You will understand, the resolver is supposed to solve your problems with what you have on hand. A game philosophy that can be found in the adaptation of weapons, but also of vehicles. Or, you can tell them right away, you can build fire-breathing cars both literally and figuratively.

Supremos resolver

Now that you know the principle of the resolver, which can be translated through exaggerated adjustments, you will learn that your hero of the guerrilla war against the Castillo, Dani Rojas, is also able to use the “Supremos”. These are super powers imparted by certain machines. We could see two at work and that makes the coffee, but also the cleaning. The first allows you to create an aura of fire around you that spreads to incinerate your opponents, while the second is a backpack full of missiles that can destroy enemy tanks (or others, it works too). Of course there are other “supremos” and they won’t necessarily be weapons, as the aim is also to help the player with infiltration or navigation through the adventure on the island of Yara. .

The art of war is also the staging

You don’t need to be particularly smart to quickly understand that the developers’ goal is to make you the ultimate weapon and the standard bearer of a revolution where violence will endure. Furthermore, Dani will not wage this war (illa) alone as she will be surrounded by great charismatic figures of resistance, some of whom will be there to ask for their services and others to train them precisely in guerrilla techniques. . And when we got that, we noticed a detail: we can finally see our hero (Dani will be man or woman, it’s up to you) during the cutscenes. A change in meaning that will certainly allow you to better identify yourself, but also to suggest a stronger staging, we hope to highlight the story and scenario of this Far Cry 6 that are supposed to be particularly powerful. You will also learn that the resistance fighters who belong to the very inspired movement “Libertad” have camps in which you take part in mini-games, undoubtedly take on missions, but also your weapons, your vehicles and your champion with equipment with special skills to hide or better to shoot. To your arsenal come companions (yes, you can cooperate with a friend too, but we’re not talking about that here) like the little dog Chorizo ​​or the alligator (yes, you read that right) Guappo and his build of a dangerous predator, that capable of reshaping Castillo’s armed forces on land as in the filthy waters of the bayou. Far Cry 6 wants to be fun, you can tell! Indeed, making yourself a weapon of mass destruction to overthrow a corrupt dictator is a nice program, especially since the packaging seems to follow from both the script and the tech. It remains to be seen what all this gives the controller. But the promise is nice so we hope it is kept and see you on October 7th, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Stadia to see if the revolution really happens now! By AymericLallee, journalist MP

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