First images of the new Microsoft Store of Windows 10 Sun Valley

Not a day has passed since we informed you that Microsoft was preparing a redesign of the Microsoft Store Windows 10 app. This new design would arrive as part of Sun Valley, the next big update to Windows 10 which we are expecting to see. have talked so much recently. Good news: we already have the first images of this new design!

A new organization for the Microsoft Store

The new Microsoft Store design that will accompany Sun Valley was disclosed by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter. From what we see in the Shared GIFs, this is a very similar store to the current one but with some changes that we need to highlight.

* Sun Valley *

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) March 2, 2021

First, the current main menu consisting of the categories “Home”, “Games”, “Productivity” and “Offers” is removed. Instead, the layout will look like this:

Home Software and applications Games Products More (in this menu we will have the options “Movies & TV” and “Edge Extensions”.

Additionally, we will now have a left menu of “My Library” with shortcuts to the following options:

Owned Installed Ready to install Downloads included with device

A somewhat conservative overhaul. It’s enough?

Although the new organization of the Microsoft Store is much more successful than the previous one and more intuitive, the design left us a little cold. On the plus side, we have rounded corners, modern context menus, new iconography, and the new Fluent Design spinner.

New compact user interface for the Microsoft Store

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) March 2, 2021

On the contrary, the store design is extremely continuous. This probably isn’t a bad move on Microsoft’s part as they’ll be looking to deliver a familiar experience, but we’re missing a more modern design, especially in the “Downloads and Updates” section, which remains intact.

We can’t forget that this is a first leak and things could still change until the software is released to users. It will also be important that this “new” Microsoft Store fixes the known issues of the current one such as “phantom updates” or its problems with the Start menu tiles. Sun Valley continues to take shape with six months to go.

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