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We have already tested the first preview version of Windows 11 which was released yesterday on the Windows Insider Dev Channel. This is version 22000.51 and contains a very comprehensive list of news that we told you yesterday.

If any of you are hesitant to update, you will be interested to know how stable this version is and whether it is advisable to install it on your main PC. Then we will present our user experience and our first impressions.

A great first step for Windows 11

To be the first look at Windows 11, Build 22000.51 includes a huge battery of new features. This is possible thanks to the fact that the base of Windows 11, Cobalt, had already been tested in the Windows Insider development channel for many months, so the most recent efforts have been focused on interface issues and new features. .

Start menu and taskbar

The new Start menu and taskbar are a breath of fresh air for the Windows experience. The bar animations are delicious and the new Start menu has been very cleverly designed to give us something useful and simple. The living tiles have failed and it is time to accept it. Users are sure to warmly welcome Windows 11 Start menu because of its beauty and practicality.

New setup and store apps

The new Settings and Microsoft Store apps are light years ahead of their predecessors. The first is finally a worthy successor of the old Control Panel. Not only does it look a lot prettier than the Windows 10 app, but it includes a lot of other features (such as those related to battery status).

Microsoft Store Image in Windows 11

As for the Microsoft Store, it is completely designed from scratch and you can see it from the first second: everything is much faster. The animations and the fluidity of this Store leave us speechless and we can only applaud the work of the team in charge, led by Rudy Huyn.

Both apps still have some bugs (something to be expected at the moment) but nothing dramatic and they are fully usable on a daily basis.


Windows widgets are based on WebView2 from the new Microsoft Edge and it shows. Wow, it shows. The performance of this panel is far superior to that of “News and Interests” in Windows 10, a web view-based widget from the old Microsoft Edge. There is also no reason not to update here.

Notification Center and Quick Settings

The new notification center and quick settings are nice and much more user-friendly than the action center in Windows 10. We noticed a bug in the animation when they were closed, but there is nothing to worry about and should be corrected very soon.


Icon bug in Windows 11 search

Searching has also been significantly improved and is now faster and much better, especially with the dark theme. However, it also has some bugs, such as some app icons that mysteriously disappear and show empty spaces instead.

Contextual menus

New context menus in Windows 11

Windows 11’s new context menus (found in File Explorer and on the desktop) are made in XAML and give the operating system a much more modern look. However, we notice them being too bulky, especially since we don’t use a touchscreen device. We believe this could be an error that will be resolved soon.

Performance and stability

In terms of overall performance, this build worked very well. Windows 11 seems to boot faster than Windows 10 and also wakes up before sleeping. The apps run as expected and it is only in the first few minutes of installation that we experience a crash in the taskbar or in the Settings app.

Should I install it on my PC?

Beyond these little bugs, we didn’t notice any big issues. You may be using this version on a daily basis and not encounter any major issues. We find it hard not to recommend it, especially considering the current state of Windows 10, which although being a “stable” version, does not perform better than Windows 11.

However, we can’t forget that this is the development channel, which implies that any future update could make it less stable than it is currently. This is a risk for those of you who only have one PC, so we can and should only recommend installing this version on a virtual machine or secondary PC. If despite everything you want to install it on your main PC, be aware that this is a development channel and that stability is not guaranteed.

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