First strangled, then strangled, America to ‘kill’ prisoner after 16 years – first US execution of inmate Lisa Montgomery after 67 years of arrest, know her crime case

Strong points:

After 67 years in America, a woman is about to be sentenced to death. The woman stole the baby in the stomach after strangling a dog saleswoman, the police arrested the culprit the next day, aged 16. She finished babyvashington
Preparations have been made to sentence a female prisoner convicted of human shame in America to the death penalty. This will be the first time in US history after 67 years that a female prisoner will be sentenced to death. The woman will be sentenced to death eight days before Biden becomes president. Please say Biden has been against capital punishment from the start.

The court heard the death sentence
Lisa Montgomery, a resident of the US state of Kansas, escaped after killing a pregnant woman and removing the baby from her womb. He was sentenced after a long trial after being arrested. The court sentenced the woman to death, calling the crime heinous. Montgomery is to be sentenced to death in a central prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

That was the whole thing
This case is 16 years old. On December 16, 2004, Montgomery went to adopt a dog at the home of 23-year-old dog seller Bobby Joe Stinnett in Skidmore, Northwest Missouri, about 170 miles from his home in Melvern, Kansas. Where he strangled the rope, killing dog seller Joe Stinnett.

16-year-old girl stolen
This woman had such a ghost of humanity that she tore the stomach out of the dead stenet and took the girl out of it and escaped. The police arrested her the next day, and the newborn was saved. The girl’s name is Victoria Joe, who is now 16.

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