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Plans to surround China in the Indo-Pacific, Quod to be held at the first meeting
At around seven o’clock tonight, top leaders from India, America, Australia and Japan are due to attend the important Quad meeting. This is the first meeting of the Quad called “NATO” in Asia attended by the top leaders of the four countries. By the way, this organization was formed in the Indo-Pacific to increase mutual relations between these four countries. But, given the situation, it has become a major platform to counter China’s growing strength. It is said that today’s meeting could discuss the corona virus vaccine supply and growing security challenges in the Indo-Pacific.

Modi-Biden to join meeting for the first time
In addition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the meeting will be attended by US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It will be the first time that new US President Joe Biden will attend a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Biden has already shown a tough stance against China. Those who fully understand the importance of the Biden Indo Pacific, which is why they will by no means let China dominate the region.

What questions will be discussed during the meeting?
During this meeting, the leaders of the four countries will discuss various issues such as the challenges of Kovid-19, the economic crisis, climate change. The four-country “QUAD” coalition stands amid growing global concerns over China’s growing interference in the Indo-Pacific region. In such a situation, China will also be an important topic of this meeting. The four countries involved in the quad have a dispute with China over one issue or another. In such a situation, these four countries have come together on one platform to face the growing power of the dragon.

US President Biden places special emphasis on Quad
New US President Joe Biden attaches great importance to Quad member countries. This is why Biden calls the top ten world leaders, including the leaders of Quad countries. He met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshahida Suga on January 27, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on February 3 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 8.

Britain to join QUAD with India and US to take on China
This meeting will bring stability to the Indo-Pacific: Maurition
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday that his first meeting with US President Joe Biden and talks with leaders of India and Japan would prove crucial for stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Maurition said it was about four nations with long-term interests in the Indo-Pacific region. For us, this is where we live, where Japan is, where India is, and where America has been around for a long time. Therefore, this (negotiation) is important for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific and it will benefit all countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

Panic in China ahead of QUAD summit meeting, now recalls lesson of peace
Disruption in China due to Quad
China is in the grip of this Quad encounter. This is the reason why China issued a statement that the four countries would do such things which are beneficial to regional peace and stability, not “bad”. China’s Foreign Ministry said any regional cooperation framework should follow the principle of peaceful development and beneficial cooperation which is the current trend. He said: “ We hope that the countries concerned will keep in mind that the principles of openness, inclusion and beneficial cooperation are respected in the common interest of regional countries and that things should be done rather than to be at odds with regional peace, stability and stability. beneficial for prosperity ”.

First QUAD high-level meeting, the US indicated which issues will be discussed with “ important friends, India, Australia and Japan ”
Know what the quad is
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) was launched in 2007. However, it began in 2004–2005 when India reached out after the tsunami that hit many countries in Southeast Asia. Four Quad countries include the United States, Japan, Australia and India. In March, the Quad also had a meeting regarding the Corona virus. For the first time, in New Zealand, D. Korea and Vietnam have also joined.

China protests
Since the formation of this group, China has been irritated and constantly opposed to it. Amid the current military tension in Ladakh, China’s official newspaper Global Times continues to threaten India. At the same time, the edict is that India must stay away from the Quad and follow its policy of non-alignment.

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