First Woman on the Moon: First Woman Director of Launch and Rocket Engineer for Artemis Mission Taking Woman to Moon for NASA: NASA Mission Carrying First Woman to Moon First Director of Rocket Launch

In the twenty-first century, it may not be new to say that women have not fallen behind in any field today, but today they continue to record history one after the other. other. The US space agency NASA has made several registrations in his name. By 2024, he’s gearing up to make another success story. For the first time, an astronaut will be sent to the moon and a woman has the responsibility of making rockets for that too.

Have come a long way
Jody Singer, who became the first female president of the Marshall Space Flight Center when she joined NASA, had female engineers, but today the situation has changed. In a report for CBS, Jodi said there was a time when she and her partner Charlie Blackwell Thompson were the only women involved in a project. She says they have come a long way since then.

Artemis Mission 2024: NASA will build a “ hotel ” on the way to the moon
‘… 30% of engineers will be women’
Charlie is NASA’s first female launch director. She explains that when the first Artemis rocket is launched to the moon, 30% of their shooting rooms at the Kennedy Space Center will be engineers. She says she has been drawn to the US space program since childhood.
‘There is a lot to learn from the moon’
Charlie told CBS, “I remember the last Apollo mission, the last two. And I remember that curiosity and that excitement when I used to go out and look at the sky and think our astronaut is on the moon. She says the return to the moon should be new and important information. He said, “There is a lot to learn. We are still learning from a sample of the Apollo program. When the moon returns, there is a lot of science and a lot of scientific discoveries.

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