First yellow penguin: First photos of a yellow penguin by Wildlife Photographer: First photo of yellow penguin

Unparalleled travel after 30 years

His group stayed in Salisbury Plain, South Georgia, to see the colony of 1.2 million penguins. During this time, a large swarm appeared towards them. In this, a unique creature caught the attention of Adams. He immediately took a photo of this creature which may have been seen for the first time. Edams says he’s dreamed of going to South Georgia for 30 years, ever since he saw these penguins in Sir David Attenborough’s documentary. He said that even before seeing the yellow penguin it was a trip like no other. It was wonderful to see thousands of penguins on a rock in the middle of the vast ocean. He said it looked like Jannat had come down.

All black so why yellow?

According to Adams, it was the only one among millions of penguins. The rest were common white and black. Edams says that such a color probably comes from leucism. This is a type of mutation due to which melanin does not form in the wings. For this reason, white, yellow or rough colors are visible. For this reason, there can be completely white penguins.

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