fish video: man finds sucker fish

“The fish is the queen of the water …” This lesson is given to children from infancy, but recently a video has surfaced in which the fish is not only seen outside the water but also hanging on the water. Wall. This video was shared by a fisherman on Tik Tok and showed the world this “sucker” fish that has been sticking to the wall for quite some time.

TikTok star Blake Haas caught and filmed lumpfish while fishing in the sea. According to him, this fish has a suction cup on the bottom and if they are pressed against the wall, they stay out of the water. According to Blake, several times in the summer we see lumpfish that have suckers.

Rare gold fish: the rare “gold fish” was thrown back into the water after being considered sick, was one in a million
Is there any work outside the water?
Millions of people started watching and sharing it immediately after downloading it. Lots of people called it very cute and then someone said it was a fridge magnet. However, many people have also wondered if this suction cup really works outside of water or if it has this characteristic of staying on the surface underwater? Otherwise, it’s not fair to do it with fish.

strange creatures in the water
Fishermen often find such strange creatures in the water. Some time ago in Arkansas, America, a person found a rare golden bar, which biologists call one in a million. According to John Stein, biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the “goldfish” bass looks like this because of a genetic problem.

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