Fishing boat and cargo ship crash: Fishing boat crash in Indonesia and crude oil vessel 17 missing: 17 people missing in cargo ship and fishing boat collision in Indonesia

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A freighter carrying crude in Indonesia crashed a fishing boat, missing 17 people, a total of 35 people aboard the Navy and Coast Guard Balnauka were involved in search and rescue work, trapping the boat stranded in the propeller of the freighter
17 people have disappeared after a clash between a freighter and a fishing boat in the coastal waters of Java, Indonesia’s main island. A total of 32 people were on board the boat, many of whom were rescued. The fishing boat sank in the sea after colliding with a cargo ship several times larger than its size. After which a campaign was launched to find people.

15 people were saved
Search and rescue agency chief Deedan Ridavansyah said a fishing boat capsized in the Indramayu district coastal watershed on Saturday after hitting Indonesian freighter MV HABCO Pioneer. There were 32 people in this boat. A spokesperson for the Directorate-General for Maritime Transport said 15 people on board the boat had been rescued and local fishermen and marines were looking for more.

The ship was bringing crude oil
Ridwansiah said the cargo ship carrying crude oil from the island of Borneo was parked because its “propeller” got stuck in the fishing net. Now the team of engineers and divers are trying to get the threads off the propeller of this ship. However, there is no risk of an oil spill at sea since this accident.

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