Fito Cabrales: “Being sober one day costs one day”

Madrid in all its autumnal evening splendor sneaks through the window of the suite on the floor 20 of the legendary Torre España, in the Homonymous square, converted into a luxury hotel after the corresponding work of years of infernal traffic jams. Fito has, it is not known if he enjoys, two huge terraces in l-shaped and an outdoor Jacuzzi, and in sight, of the herds of Madrid and tourists that crowd the rooftop bar open to the public, a few floors above. The artist — lean face, goatee, cap festooning his skull, earrings expanding his lobes, old silver bracelets weighing down his wrists, and a party of tattooed skeletons illustrating his forearms— greets him most cordially. It stands out, very bright, a cross without a crucifix dancing a foot under the nut and on the shirt. It bothers me. I ask:

Question. Why is he wearing that cross?

Answer. Because it is a cross.

P. Are you very religious?

R. Spiritual. With God and such I have never had problems. I’m not religious. If you give me a choice, I almost prefer that God does not exist because, if not, if he appeared and said hello, I would lose the magic.

If you give me the choice, I almost prefer that God does not exist because, if not, if he appeared and said hello, I would lose the magic ”

P. Define “spirituality.”

R. Fuck spirituality, then. Having an interlocutor that sometimes you cannot find. I’m not interested in getting everything done, I’m interested in hope. That everything is not so immediate, so efficient, so clean, so demonstrable …

P. That surely comes from the Religion classes of the EGB.

R. Totally. I use a lot about virgencita, sin, the devil in my songs. Do you think you can sing if there is no other meaning in life? Why did people start singing? It wasn’t that a guy dropped a rock on his foot and howled. Singing is not vital. There is no need. That is spiritual. There are people who do well and have no need, but others need to create for ourselves a special force, a parallel world.

P. How many times have you been on the edge of the cliff?

R. Ay, amatxu , a couple of them.

P. What’s down there?

R. I did not take photos. It was at a detox clinic, for having gone overboard with drugs. You don’t come out unscathed from that. The least of it is addiction: you put eggs into that and you go out, but your world changes, because of everything that is destroyed, the damage you do. Then I fell another two or three times and nothing happened either. But there are things that you cannot tell anyone, not even yourself, and that is where the spiritual comes in.

P. In your songs, how much technique and how much guts?

R. Of technique, zero. I am not a writer. I do song lyrics, which is not a minor art for me, but I am terrified of writing. Before I make you the Madrid-Bilbao AVE than a record. Every album I put out, I mean, shit, I’ve been lucky. I don’t know if I can do it again. Right now, I think I won’t be able to.

P. When do you finish a song, if it goes so many times?

R. When it’s me, when I want to sing it, when I dare to sing it. So, I am God. But it’s damn laborious.

P. His lyrics are a metronome. How much do you like a spruce?

R. I love a spruce. I’m even going to look like a geek, at the time of writing, I still prefer an efe to, I don’t know, an eme. You know what I mean? Especially it happens with the first words. Then the rest comes alone, with a lot of work, but finding the first word is like finding the thread. I work a lot by phrases. Sometimes I transfer them from one song to another, as needed. A finding guides me, or motivates me, or gives me the joy to continue.

I am not an intellectual who can solve anything. But my experience is that if you have the ability to think well and create your world, no one can take that away from you ”

P. Is that self-love or pride?

R. I could not tell you. I don’t know if I love myself, what I do know is that I can’t love my family anymore.

P. He has a young daughter. What has that girl taught you that you didn’t know?

R. Everything. For seven years I am what she has made of me, a doll in her hands. I was not like that, the map has changed. With my first child, I was totally into music. Today he is 23 years old and is my God, but I was not at the time 100% in being a father. It is impossible to ask a guy in his twenty-somethings to be a father for 24 hours.

P. And a mother?

R. The mother has it more screwed up, because we have that idea that it has to be always.

P. Was she his fall from the horse?

R. No, I was fine already.

P. Because I already wanted to be?

R. Totally. Happiness is not that easy. That is what they sell you, but it is not. Do not aspire to happiness, be happy.

P. What is it to be happy?

R. Agree. I am not an intellectual who can solve anything. I’m not going to write a self-help book. But my experience is that if you have the ability to think well and create your world, no one can take that away from you. Of course, if you have a misfortune you have to pass it, but happiness is not achieved, it is not that you have the treasure map and if you do not find it, it is your fault. It is difficult.

I am neither an example of anything. Deep down I vindicate my role as a jester ”

P. It gives me the feeling that he hates being an example of anything.

R. I am not nor do I feel like an example of anything. Deep down I vindicate my role as a buffoon. I’m just the guy who entertains you. You come to see me at a concert and, damn, I can still take you to a more beautiful place than the one you come from.

P. Is that his superpower?

R. And that of ironman . No, I don’t have power, music does. I gladly give it to you. I get out of the way.

P. Were you pissed off when you were young?

R. What am I going to be pissed off? What was a delusion.

P. Illusive of what?

R. To believe me the only thing. My world was me and what was five feet from me. That was my present and my future. From behind, the past was empty, it did not exist.

P. Is it no longer going to two grams per minute, as in your song?

R. I don’t even have time to feel vertigo, as the sentence ends. At our age we can no longer undo many mistakes and there is a real evidence that there are no longer many opportunities to miss the shot.

Q. To screw it up?

R. I screwed up when I was on time, I had time to go back. But each one feels age as it does. Me, seasonally. Now, with the album, with the illusion of a kid. But it’s not always like this. Sometimes I feel tired.

P. There are those who rush middle age with excesses that they previously deprived of.

R. I already left them. Well, don’t say this water I won’t drink, because I’m not so sure either. I think that now I would not return, but I am not going to affirm anything

P. Does it never stop being meat according to which guns?

R. Never. Neither meat nor fish. It’s hard for me not to think about drugs. But it would be hard for me to go back, I would be scared, very scared.

P. How much does it cost to be clean?

R. Being sober one day costs one day, it is a daily job, it is not silly. Music, life, has saved me, I don’t know how many times. From the detox clinic I went on a tour. Not only your willpower is worth it. You have to have resources. Start over? The one that can. The one who has nothing, the one who broke everything, damn it. That is why I say, and it is not a gesture or a posture, my luck is music.

P. Is he a lucky guy?

R. Yes, fuck, I like the life that I have lived.

P. And that past perfect? ​​

R. Okay: the one that I have lived and the one that I am living. It’s the old thing: I don’t consider myself a happy guy, I consider myself happy. Since I started to see him like this, everything cost me much less work. Before I was delusional, I have already said it, and it was impossible, an impossible.


Lustros was wearing Fito Cabrales (Bilbao, 55 years) with this game of words dancing on his head, to the point of tattooing several skeletons on his arms in his honor, until he has managed to “place it “without squeaking in a song. More than that. Now, it is the title of his new album after five years of silence due to lack of inspiration or motivation to go back to breaking stone, sorry, words to achieve the most difficult view: yours. Listening to the new work of singer-songwriter Quique González took him out of the creative drought. He dedicates his album to him, which, like everyone else, he believes will be his last, given his “writing panic.” We will see.

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