Five alternatives to traditional Christmas corporate dinners


Five alternatives to traditional Christmas corporate dinners

It is very likely that due to the epidemics and restrictions in the different Autonomous Communities, this year most of the corporate Christmas dinners will not be able to take place. These dinners have become over the years not only a tradition, but also a tool to motivate employees. This year it’s time to get creative and look for alternatives; The Cuzco IV building offers these 5

BY RRHH Digital, 14:25 – 16 December 2020

Corporate Christmas dinners have become a very common tradition in the so-called emotional salary of employees, along with the Christmas basket. A tradition that has defeated the pandemic and the current situation of outbreaks and restrictions in the different autonomous communities. This year, companies will have to draw their imaginations and put in place alternatives to these dinners. The Cuzco IV building offers 5 activities to motivate workers at Christmas in the new normal.

1. Virtual dinner by videoconference.

In recent months, workers have quickly become accustomed to teleworking and the use of video conferencing tools. Why not organize the company’s Christmas dinner by telematics via videoconference? There are platforms that allow you to connect with up to 100 people. It’s very simple: the company will just have to send the menu home and summon the employees at one o’clock to enjoy it together in front of the computer. That this year is far away doesn’t mean it can be a themed dinner and send Christmas props along with the menu.

2. This year, the Christmas basket is more important than ever.

The Christmas basket or package is always an expected gift for many employees and makes them feel special and appreciated. It is a gift that they can share with their families and they will feel good about being a part of the business. Giving workers a basket or having a gift with them for Christmas helps maintain relationships with employees and increases their motivation. And this year will be more important than any other. To make up for the lack of a corporate Christmas dinner, companies can supplement this year’s basket with another gift or incentive for employees. In this sense, Edificio Cuzco IV makes business gift cards available to companies: physiotherapy sessions with a healthy menu in its Do Eat coffee machine.

3. The 6 employees chosen for Christmas.

In many Autonomous Communities, the number of people allowed for meetings is limited to 6 people. An alternative to this year’s Christmas dinner is to organize a gamification process to reward the 6 best employees of the company with a dinner. An action which should also be accompanied by another initiative for the rest of the employees.

4. Summer is the new Christmas.

How about spending Christmas in the summer of next year? Many companies are considering postponing the traditional Christmas dinner this year and holding the meeting when the situation permits. It’s about swapping out the Christmas sweater and reindeer antlers for shorts and sunglasses. Ultimately, it’s about holding the meeting when it can be done safely.

5. This year: dinner goes to those who need it most.

Christmas is the perfect time to show solidarity and carry out CSR actions with the most disadvantaged groups. Many employees will be very grateful if the money from this year’s Christmas dinner is used to provide dinner to those who really need it. To do this, it’s as easy as contacting an NGO or soup kitchen and accepting a donation from all employees of the company.

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