Five basic tips to ensure the digital and professional disconnection of employees in summer


Five basic tips to ensure the digital and professional disconnection of employees in summer

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 01 July 2021

Digitization, along with the extension of remote working, has normalized some situations that make it difficult for professionals to disconnect outside working hours. The implementation of intensive working hours in summer and the ease with which you have access to work devices and tools, especially if you are telecommuting, make this separation difficult, so necessary for employees’ rest and their productivity. Thus, Sodexo Benefits and Incentives offers a series of advice so that companies can guarantee this disconnection, which is particularly necessary in summer:

Specify the duration and themes of the meetings. Establishing a precise schedule for these meetings, whether face-to-face or digital, in addition to indicating the subjects to be discussed, makes it possible not to extend working hours to have to accomplish tasks that have been delayed by unnecessary delay. . Set a deadline for making calls or sending emails. Companies can set a deadline for making calls or sending emails, which makes it easier to lengthen the day with this type of paperwork and therefore disconnection. Prioritize tasks. Sorting and performing tasks in order of importance optimizes time and, also, meeting deadlines and objectives, which promotes rest. In this sense, team leaders can be of great help in guiding employees to properly organize their tasks so that they are completed on time during the day. Include personal well-being and work-life balance in the corporate culture. Offer companies activities of interest to workers that simplify the separation of their professional and personal life, allowing them to enjoy their free time in a more complete and satisfactory way. Organize household chores before the holidays. The preparation of an inventory on the subjects that remain open and the contact persons in relation to them allows other colleagues to move forward during the vacation period without interrupting the manager. Limit the digital link. Actions like turning off work-related notifications outside of office hours or setting up automatic email reply during holidays avoid the temptation to keep tabs on work-related communication channels.

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