Five benefits of invisible masks for face-to-face and remote work


Five benefits of invisible masks for face-to-face and remote work

It is a mask that allows for easier communication now that we cannot “ read lips ” It also complies with all health and hygiene regulations and can be used for 24 hours and washed up to 30 times

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 09 November 2020

A Spanish company launched the innovative and exclusive transparent mask. This innovative and exclusive invisible mask protects you and those around you in accordance with UNE0065: 2020 and CWA 17553: 2020 standards which establish the requirements that must be met by reusable hygienic masks for children and adults.

In addition to the health and safety benefits against the coronavirus, these invisible masks bring many benefits to the work environment, facilitating communication and facilitating the inclusion of the hearing impaired, among other benefits:

Facilitates communication by video calls … In the age of telecommuting, communication is vital. And if it is already a problem to communicate in person with the mask, through a screen the difficulties are greater. Therefore, these invisible masks make it easier to communicate via video calls, speed it up and allow more optimal conversations, especially if we are in a remote group meeting. … and also in person. If we apply it to telecommuting, we need to apply it to in-person meetings as well. Many people return to work in the office or leave for meetings and business meetings. For this reason, invisible masks also optimize conversation by allowing the person’s full expression to be seen as well as gestures with their mouth and lips. Without a doubt, a fact that allows for more fluid and efficient interviews. Ideal for long working hours. Thanks to the fabric in which it is made, the mask can be worn for 24 hours and washed up to 30 times. It is therefore an ideal mask for long working hours and for use for more than a month. In addition, being able to communicate more easily prevents us from handling and touching the mask, which causes hygiene problems in it. It helps to show emotions and feelings. By not allowing the entire face to be seen, the masks used do not allow the expressions of all people to be seen. Often times, we don’t know if the person we are talking to is smiling, serious, sad … and this is very important, not only in personal life but also in the working environment and the business world. Therefore, the ability to see the emotions and feelings of our interlocutor humanizes us in a period of interpersonal distancing. Inclusion of people with hearing problems. Finally, it is worth highlighting the enormous difficulties that hearing and disabled people encounter in starting conversations with others. And it is that the deaf, in addition to sign language, are guided by lip reading of the people with whom they communicate. Consequently, with the help of these transparent masks, this communication is facilitated and the professional integration of people with this type of disability is facilitated.

Discover the main characteristics of the first transparent fabric mask on the market:

Reusable and without FILTERS. They comply with UNE0065: 2020 (Spanish ITEL Certificate. C-12437) and CWA 17553: 2020 (European Certificate Leitat. IN-01617 / 2020-2) regulations You can use it for up to 24 hours Supports up to at 30 washes Available in different sizes Very light Environmentally friendly

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