Five coaching tools to help you manage your return to work and the new normal

Five coaching tools to help you manage your return to work and the new normal

Are you a manager trying to manage teams remotely? An employee trying to get used to going to an office almost deserted by Covid 19? A mother who does not know what to invent so that her children let her concentrate for a while on her telework?

These five coaching techniques will help you reconnect with your best energy, take a step back and focus on your goals and objectives.

Nothing is more important than starting or restarting the day as many times as necessary, dispelling negative feelings when one feels somewhat blocked by the progress of certain stressful events: for example, arriving on time with traffic jams to leave the children to school and be punctual at the office.

There we can use the ventilation technique. To ventilate is to aerate, refresh, oxygenate… how to oxygenate?

By slowing down the breathing, making it deeper and deeper, feeling the air fill the diaphragm and letting it breathe out slowly. Be aware of what your own body is: where do you feel the tension, where does it hurt? … imagine that this part of the body is relaxing, relaxing, supporting the back better in the car seat or at the desk or in the chair at home. Take a break and have a coffee, and however far you need to go talk to your partner, air again counting the hardships you are having, that stuck project, that teenage girl.

You might not even know where to start from the sheer amount of stuff to do. There you need prioritization techniques. Something as simple as making a to-do list and then prioritizing by organizing the tasks and sub-tasks in order from largest to least important can already get you tidy. day and week. If you work in an agile team, you know what we are talking about, these lists of “waiting to do”, “in progress”, “already done” are extremely useful, but it is not necessary to work formally in teams nimble to have this remedy. by hand. Or maybe what worries you is not where to start, but whether or not you have to do it or not, that is, make a decision one way or another. Ah make a list of arguments for s and arguments for no, with pros and cons and even diagrams.

But maybe the main difficulty lies, not in the prioritization, but in the fact that you do not see what the goal is: you are so deep, so to speak, in the jungle, that you do not see the end of the road. There you can use perspective techniques. Ask yourself: if I were observed from a cloud, what would I see? If a fairy visited me who could see everything, the whole situation, what would she tell me? If I had a friend in the same situation, what would he recommend?

Maybe you are going through a situation in which you feel that something does not fit well in the puzzle, that the project / work objective you have to achieve, in which a lot of people are involved, is costing excessively, it becomes “stuck”. There you can use the mind map technique and create, for example, a “system constellation”. The name sounds strange, but, in reality, it’s something simple. Take what you have on hand on your table: pens, post-it, tape, scissors … and place them in front of you, on the same table if you want, so that each object represents one person of all those who participate in the realization of the project, including yourself and also put an object that represents the project itself. Don’t overthink it, just place each object in front of you and, when you have it, ask yourself the following questions: Is there anything that particularly catches your attention? A shape, a color, a position, a relation between the positions, the colors, the shapes of the objects ?, what do the position, the shape, the color of the objects and their distance from each other say about the people involved ?, and about you ?, and on the project ?, if you could change the position of a single object, what would it be? And where are you going to place it? It can help you become aware of certain connections between people and goals that you haven’t seen before.

Finally, maybe you need more energy, motivation and strength and for that there are different techniques of revitalization and creativity. For example, you can put on that song that you know how to charge your batteries. You can name yourself your favorite heroine, surround yourself with plants, posters, travel mugs, post-it notes with inspirational phrases, anything that just looking at her makes you feel instantly good. .you can imagine that you have already achieved the goal How much do you want to accomplish because a magician who saw you in the future told you that you achieved it and you can ask the magician what were the intermediate steps , what did you do to get there, to get there. You can also fantasize about this dilemma that has divided you and challenge yourself by saying: what if I don’t have to choose between A and B ?, What if I can combine A and B ?, What if it doesn’t have to be neither A nor B but another entirely different option?

I hope these simple techniques we use in our Unite Coaching and Mentoring Program will help you get back to work. If you are a manager, don’t forget to share them with your team members and if you’re not, with your friends and colleagues.

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