Five compelling reasons to digitize human capital management

While there is no doubt that the field of human resources has become the fundamental factor in the success of an organization, it cannot be denied that part of its good results rest on a timely integration into the digital transformation.

Evolving in its human capital management processes thanks to technological advances is an imminent step; Indeed, in a recent survey carried out by the company Venturessoft entitled “The challenges of Human Capital 2020-2021”, 70% of those questioned declared that the platforms to manage all staff information, payroll, electronic files, internal communication and improving workflows will help you a lot to streamline your work this year.

“HR is the area that should give organizations the necessary impetus to become more digital and reap the great benefits that this change offers. As leaders explore new technologies, platforms and ways of working, they will be able to increase the motivation and productivity of their employees, ”said Jorge Kramis, CEO of Venturessoft.

Therefore, the company mentions 5 reasons why companies should start marking their digital path:

1. Personnel administration and digital file management

Having a solution that can provide a core of information from multiple platforms to create a main employee maintenance will help to have better control in personnel administration, because with this data an efficient design of the departmental and organizational structure will be implemented. , through statistics and flowcharts.

2. Simpler and more precise recruitment processes

Thanks to tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, the entire process of recruiting, applying for a job, applying, interviewing, evaluating exams and even hiring it -even is facilitated. In addition, it also allows for a better selection of the main candidates with an automatic filtering of CVs according to their skills.

3. Control and recording of attendance and time worked

Biometric technologies such as facial recognition, Bluetooth, and GPS are merged to create tools that allow you to better track employee entry and exit with just a selfie from your phone. In this way, both the worker’s time is optimized by avoiding the use of traditional time clocks, as well as the costs of maintaining the devices. There are already solutions on the market with this type of technology, such as the Human eTime application.

Another benefit at this point is employee time management based on company policies.

4. Organizational communication and career plan

Through platforms and applications, it is possible to establish a collaborative social environment that facilitates internal communication. In addition, tools are also provided to the organization to develop its own training system through training courses and programs.

5. Administration of tasks and requests

From a mobile device, you will have the ability to request and authorize benefits such as loans, permits, vacations, schedule negotiations, assessments, objective reviews, requisitions, among other flows.

These are some reasons to digitize human capital management processes, but beyond that, the use of technological tools should already be considered in the overall strategy of the company, so the areas of human resources should focus on a digital transformation that involves a cultural and social change in the organization.

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