Five essential skills to successfully run a business in the new reality


Five essential skills to successfully run a business in the new reality

Emotional intelligence, serenity and the ability to transmit it, trust, direct communication and human relations are the 5 social skills that will allow us to get the most out of our team

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 am – November 17, 2020

Running a business has never been a simple task, it requires dedication and effort, but also a series of soft skills that, more than ever, we need to strengthen. In this way, although these skills have not changed significantly due to the current situation, it is important to know how to extrapolate them to the new context and value those that will allow us to better understand our team and to learn from it. the best part.

To achieve this, Udemy – the largest global online training platform in the world -, in the hands of its instructor David Bejarano, strategic coach, reveals the 5 essential skills to run a business well in the new reality.

Emotional intelligence. Managing a team remotely is not an easy task and can generate a lot of stress. Therefore, it is important to have empathy and high emotional intelligence that allows you to deal with unexpected situations and constant changes without losing your temper. Serenity and the ability to transmit it. It is not only important that we as leaders remain calm, but that we can also share it with others. This builds confidence in our leadership and in the work of our team. “This situation tests our ability to be patient and our ability to adapt. It forces us to train those two skills that have been lost in this new generation of instant gratification, “says David Bejarano.” It is in times of crisis that true leaders show their courage and resilience. Those who understand that not everything can be solved overnight and who look for ways to adapt to whatever arises are the ones who manage to stay afloat ”. Confidence in the team Showing confidence in our team is not only essential for its good performance, but generally for morale in this time of crisis. Confidence is the cornerstone of leadership and should be expressed openly. Direct communication. Although it seems tedious, in this way we minimize the number of misunderstandings that can arise between SMS and email. We need to be very careful in our communications and spend at least 5 minutes a day talking to our team. Human relation. The most important capital of any business is its employees and there is a need to create spaces in which you can talk beyond work and share personal experiences during this time. It helps to strengthen personal bonds and release certain tensions.

“In these times, we are seeing the result of our leadership. If we have succeeded in fostering a space for growth, teamwork and, above all, confidence in the abilities of each of the people we lead, working remotely will not affect the efficiency of work processes ”, declares Bejarano. Our dependents know their job, their performance standards and the leader’s expectations. Therefore, all that is needed in these times is to strengthen our commitment to support our team in the best possible way ”.

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