Five in ten companies in Madrid plan to rehire before the end of the year

Five in ten companies in Madrid plan to rehire before the end of the year

A survey carried out by the Association of Family Businesses of Madrid (ADEFAM) among its social body, made up of 104 partners, to find out the impact and the transformation that Covid-19 has produced in the employment of the family business, reveals that seven out of ten companies (73.68%) still have the same number of workers today as before the crisis.

Likewise, family businesses consider that they will regain their ability to rehire in the coming months of the year. Concretely, 50% think they will do it before the end of the year, and 42.86% during the following year.

Despite their optimistic outlook for the economy for the coming months, four in ten family businesses in Madrid surveyed (42.42%) say that the crisis resulting from the pandemic has affected them negatively or very negatively in terms of employment, and 85.71% of them were forced to use the ERTE on a temporary basis.

To date, half of the companies having used ERTE, ie 42.82%, have already reinstated all their employees.

The study shows that, for five out of ten companies (54.55%), the crisis resulting from the pandemic had no impact in terms of employment, a situation which can be explained by the fact that the sectors in which they operate, as indicated by seven out of ten companies in this group, either through the adoption of adaptive measures such as teleworking (5.26%), early leave (10.53%) or the transformations made in the model work (5.26%).

Whatever impact the family businesses surveyed may have had, 6 in 10 believe that this pandemic has somehow transformed their organizational structure in terms of employment.

This transformation is mainly reflected in their work models, adopting new combined formulas, such as flexible working hours, mentioned by 55% of those questioned, or the adoption of telework, recognized by 65%.

In turn, this transformation led almost 25% of those polled to say that within their organizations, they created new jobs that did not exist before the pandemic.

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