Five jobs that did not exist 10 years ago, but are now triumphing in the labor market

Five jobs that did not exist 10 years ago, but are now triumphing in the labor market

It was said that two years in the IT world was like 10 years in any other rapidly changing industry. Now we don’t even talk about IT as such, but almost everything is linked to the digital world, which is constantly evolving.

The portal of employment specialists carried out a study of which 5 jobs that had not existed for 10 years were extracted.

Conversational designer

Before defining this position, it is necessary to put yourself in context. And it is that in recent years, the world of voice assistants has developed very rapidly. So much so that around 4.3 million households already have one. Siri, Alexa, Google Home …

While it may sound the same, these recordings are very different from phrases one might hear when calling customer service at any business. And that’s why there is one person behind who is dedicated to designing those conversations in which the assumptions, attitudes, needs and habits of users are taken into account.

Video game narrator

Sports journalism began at the beginning of the 20th century, with the first Olympic Games in London in 1908. Since then, this sector has grown steadily, as sport itself has become one of the most important economic engines. in the world.

The point is that with the new digital age, video game competitions, or more accurately electronic sports, have also been created, which are growing in popularity. So much so that they are not only broadcast on the Internet but even on television. That’s why it took the professional narrator of video game competitions to appear, like those of FIFA or LoL.

Data Scientist

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to extract information from large volumes of data, structured or not. In the past, it was common for our data to be collected manually in surveys, over the phone, etc. But nowadays there are programs that record everything about users without our realizing it and can then draw conclusions or use this data for various purposes. For this reason, there has to be someone who analyzes all this amount of data, “Big Data”, and makes sense of it.

Thomas H. Davenport describes the data scientist as “the hybrid of a data hacker, analyst, communicator and trusted advisor, an extremely powerful and rare combination.” This is why it is one of the highest rated professions in 2020.


There have always been celebrities or celebrities (actors and actresses, singers, athletes …) who have influenced our lives by doing advertisements and using items or services that the public wants to buy when they see them.

But the concept of influencer as such has emerged in recent years thanks to social media. These are people who have made themselves known on the Internet and who have a community of loyal subscribers. Some also go into the world of television, but in general what they are looking for is more visibility.

Usually their income is generated by promoting products or services by posting photos and talking about it in their various profiles.

Drone pilot

Drones are flying vehicles that are unmanned, that is, someone controls them remotely. And while it is true that they were already used in the military field in the 20th century, in recent years many other uses have been found for these devices. Even anyone can buy one and blow it up.

But besides being a growing hobby, drones are used to control crops, roads and fires, emergency aid, surveillance of hard-to-reach areas, etc., and also for taking shots. amazing shots for commercials, movies or music videos. This is why the drone operator is increasingly in demand.

Autonomous automotive engineer

And continuing with unmanned vehicles, we move on to self-driving cars which, unlike drones, do not need anyone to control them even from a distance, as they are able to mimic human capabilities thanks to artificial intelligence, analyze and interpret their environment and apply a different behavior. techniques.

While there are different levels of autonomous driving, this area is growing rapidly, and everything indicates that Tesla will be the first to do so. Hence the emergence of this new type of engineer, which will gradually become one of the most popular.

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