Five key cybersecurity tips and practices to protect your privacy


Five key cybersecurity tips and practices to protect your privacy

Cisco Data Privacy Study Finds 87% of Workers Concerned About Protecting Their Private Data Amid Rise in Teleworking and Remote Activities

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 29 January 2021

Protecting people’s privacy is more important than ever. And the business practices that promote it bring benefits to businesses. This is clear from the fourth annual Cisco Privacy Maturity Benchmark study, which reveals greater concern among people about their private data due to the pandemic, health checks and the rapid move to telecommuting.

The study – based on consultations with 4,400 security and privacy professionals from 25 countries, including Spain – analyzes attitudes towards privacy regulations and the adoption of privacy practices and measures. confidentiality. Here are some of the main findings:

Privacy is more than a matter of compliance, as it is now seen by companies as a fundamental human right and a priority essential to their mission. 60% of organizations worldwide admit they were unprepared for the privacy and security demands of the move to telecommuting. 93% of organizations have turned to their privacy teams or professionals to help them overcome these challenges. 87% of users expressed concern about privacy in the tools needed to work, interact and connect remotely. 90% of organizations now communicate privacy settings to the board. The majority of those consulted are okay with sharing health information for workplace safety and pandemic response, but are uncomfortable with other uses. 57% agree that companies use their data to keep the workplace safe, but less than half support measures such as location tracking, contact tracing, disclosure of information about infected people and use of private information for investigative purposes. Confidentiality is established as a requirement when betting on digitization and advancing business goals. More than 140 countries have already adopted framework laws on the protection of privacy and almost 80% of respondents worldwide consider these laws to have a positive impact. Investing in privacy remains attractive. 75% of organizations believe it delivers significant value to mitigate security breaches and financial losses, improve agility and innovation, optimize operational efficiency, and build customer loyalty and trust. More than a third of organizations around the world are making profits that double their investment ratio. The privacy and cybersecurity ecosystem will play a key role on the path to economic growth and recovery from the pandemic. As economies and communities begin to recover, many critical challenges will emerge that will challenge the way governments, businesses and individuals collect, manage and protect personal data, while balancing rights. individuals and the public interest.

“Privacy has come of age. It is recognized as a fundamental human right and has become a top priority for senior management, ”said Harvey Jang, vice president and chief privacy officer at Cisco. “With the rapid evolution of teleworking, privacy is becoming even more important to drive digitization, business resilience, agility and innovation.”

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