Five key steps to create a marketing plan, the ideal tool to order your investor deck

Five key steps to create a marketing plan, the ideal tool to order your investor deck

Gone are the days when we would have the idea to start a business and go to the bank to get financing, which hardly ever happened because the bank didn’t understand what we were talking about.

Investors can now be contacted directly, and for that we need to create the Investor Deck, a report which is usually presented in slide form and with which we try to convince them to invest in our idea.

How the investor presentation and the marketing plan relate

When we make the presentation to investors, we have to explain, among other things, what problems we are going to solve for our clients, why we are better than the competition, explain if the market is big enough to make money, how we are going to make money, how are we going to attract customers etc.

In this case, a pre-marketing plan is essential, as much of the data that we will capture in the Investor Deck will come from our annual marketing plan.

What points should a marketing plan have?

Not all marketing plans are the same, because businesses are very diverse and it is necessary to distinguish between a business that operates in the “physical” world and a business that operates in the digital world.

In any case, a marketing plan should have five points, which are as follows:

1. Market and company analysis

The first thing to do is to make a realistic analysis of the company and its situation. Here, we generally use what has been called “SWOT analysis” in which the weaknesses of the company are reflected, the threats it faces, what are its strengths or strengths and the opportunities it has on. the market.

Likewise, we study what consumers going to buy from us need, something that we will use later for the Investor Deck when we explain what issues we are going to solve.

2. Segmentation of our potential customers

Once we know what type of customers we are going to target, we must then segment them because they are not all the same. Therefore, the marketing strategy must take into account these “features”, which are much easier to locate if our business is online.

3. The objectives are set

What goals do we set for ourselves? There is a lot of controversy here, as some marketers say it’s best to only mark one primary and one or two secondaries, while others say you can mark multiple principals.

What everyone agrees on is that goals need to be very specific in order to be able to measure them, so that over time one can see whether or not they have been met through quantitative data.

4. We define the actions we will take

How are we going to achieve the goals? This is where we need to make it clear how we are going to achieve the goals we set out in the marketing plan.

So if we have an online store, and we want store visits to increase by 10%, we’ll have to say if we’re going to achieve that through a social media strategy; whether we are going to buy banners from our theme websites; whether we’re going to pay for advertising on google, etc.

5. We measure results

The last part is to measure the results, and therefore the importance that the objectives are concrete and measurable, because otherwise we will not be able to achieve the most important part of the plan, which is whether all the effort, pity, if we have done well or, on the contrary, we need to change our plan to get better results.

The marketing plan can save the business in times of crisis

We are not telling any secrets if we say we are going through a tough time for all businesses.

In these times, this is when a marketing plan is needed most, a roadmap for the business to follow in trying to improve results, an improvement that can be the difference between the viability of the business or the closing.

You always have to have a marketing plan, but if things go wrong, it’s time to sit down and develop one by following the chosen methodology to set realistic and measurable goals, which will allow us to move forward in difficult times for everyone.

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