Five keys to improving the relationship between the company and its employees


Five keys to improving the relationship between the company and its employees

BY RRHHDigital, 2:45 p.m. – February 11, 2021

The connection between a company and its employees is constant and fluid, but it is not always good. Is it important to improve this relationship? Of course, they must be like good couples in love, where love and understanding flow. And, above all, mutual commitment, which is also essential in the corporate world to maintain a constant, sustainable and harmonious growth rate.

How do we get there? Alfredo Milln explains them to us in the following video. Milln is the EFQM Services Director of the Excellence in Management Club, a nonprofit trade association that helps share knowledge about excellent, innovative and sustainable management and which recognizes the level of organizations through awards for best practice and the EFQM seal.

Taking advantage of the arrival of Valentine’s Day, Mill√≥n gives 5 useful tips to ensure that the bond between the organization and its workers is solid, like that of couples in love:

Strengthening commitment: It is very important that all members of an organization participate in the definition and implementation of new plans and strategies. In this way, it is possible to increase the degree of satisfaction, in addition to achieving a start-up that is more agile and with better acceptance. Increase participation: from both parties to each other. Something that is very much in relation to the previous point is a good formula to create new disruptive models and to pave the way for the processes of creation and transformation. Redesign of stable environments: It is advisable to develop a classification of workers according to their profile and preferences in order to develop personalized engagement actions. In other words, consider the needs and demands of employees and try to meet them without losing sight of the vision, mission and culture of the organization. Fluid and constant communication: And paying particular attention to what is expressed on social networks. Workers need to be well informed about how their positioning on social media can directly affect the reputation of the organization they represent. Flexibility and conciliation: The company has two very useful tools to guarantee conciliation: teleworking and flexible hours. For a successful start-up, it is important to take several aspects into account: available resources; the degree of maturity and commitment of the people in the organization to take on this new way of working; or any obstacles that can be overcome.

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