Five keys to setting up e-learning training in your company

In recent months, the pandemic and the restrictions have meant that the only way to continue training employees, without risk, is to carry out a 100% online training plan.

BY RRHHDigital, 14:45 – 22 March 2021

The technological transformation and restrictions of Covid-19 have forever changed the world of training. Now that it is not possible to train the employee in person, companies must transfer their training content and resources in a 100% digital format. Fortunately, today there are various tools that simplify these processes of creating and digitizing content. Thus, without the need for significant investments, organizations are able to adapt their training materials and create quality e-learning courses, quickly and efficiently.

To help them in this process, isEazy, the e-learning content creation tool, is launching a new white paper: “The (re) evolution of e-learning in companies: a practical guide for putting your classroom training online. “. keys to a successful transition to a 100% online training model.

1. Gather all the materials you want to include in your training

First of all, isEazy recommends that we collect all the material that we want to include in the training and that we currently have in different formats. All kinds of documents, photos, audios or videos. It’s important to keep in mind that in any e-learning process users’ attention is more dispersed, so choose wisely what you want to capture in your content and leave only the most relevant information.

2. Create a script to structure your training

Once you have gathered the information, select the most important sections and develop a script. Structuring your training into sections and subsections is the easiest way to divide information and the easiest for the audience to understand. If, in addition, you accompany a clear organization with an attractive design, you will be able to capture their full attention.

3. Use a template that matches your teaching style and goals.

To streamline your build processes, isEazy recommends using templates that ensure your training maintains a consistent appearance from start to finish. Model your content with unique styled templates that offer interactive options and a professional layout. Including these small steps when creating content is essential to achieving your educational goals.

4. Enrich your training with multimedia and interactive resources

This is the most important step in engaging your audience. Present your content in an agile and entertaining way with interactive elements such as games, exercises, pdcast or videos. These resources facilitate knowledge acquisition and prevent users from losing attention, thus increasing training engagement.

5. Deliver your content effortlessly

The last step is to distribute your content. Make it easy for your audience and offer different options. The most common are: via a direct link or by uploading the content to your corporate intranet, or by including it in your online learning platform (LMS) to track the progress of your students.

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