Five new detainees for the Vox rally riots in Vallecas

Publication: Thursday, April 15, 2021 1:23 PM

The national police opened this Thursday an operation to stop the rioters who, on the 7th, caused serious incidents during a Vox rally in Puente de Vallecas and, for the moment, arrested five other people who allegedly attacked several agents.

The identification and location of these people took place after viewing the footage during the riots, which left 35 injured, including 21 national police.

Those currently detained are initially accused of beating and throwing stones at members of the Police Intervention Unit (IPU), the riot police. They made a statement to the Moratalaz police station.

These detainees are in addition to the four people, including three minors, who have already been arrested for their involvement in the events.

At the same time, last Monday April 12, another young man, living in Vallecas and with no previous record, was arrested, who allegedly kicked a police officer during the altercations and whose image went viral on the networks.

A day later the young man, a 21-year-old Spaniard, was released, despite being investigated for the alleged commission of an attack on a law enforcement officer and public disorder . As a result, ten people have already been arrested for their alleged involvement in the unrest.

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