Five Reasons High Intensity Training (HIIT) Can Help You Beat Workplace Stress


Five Reasons High Intensity Training (HIIT) Can Help You Beat Work Stress

The corporate wellness platform Gympass recommends practicing this type of routine with your TRIB3 partner

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 16 November 2020

People are often involved in work situations that cause discomfort and health problems resulting from stress. The pressure to achieve the goals, the long working hours and the lack of rest, join the current context, marked by uncertainty. In this sense, it is recommended to resort to sport and to practice high intensity training (HIIT) to put an end to the physical and psychological problems caused by stress at work. Discover from the hand of Gympass and TRIB3, the 5 reasons why the practice of this sports routine will change your life:

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health Performing high intensity workouts is a good ally in maintaining cardiovascular health, as it increases the amount of blood that the heart expels with each beat and increases circulation to all muscles, a very important factor. time. to stay calm during times of stress resulting from high pressure situations. Increases physical and mental endurance. In addition to preparing you physically for the physical exhaustion of everyday life, high intensity workouts require a commitment and attitude focused on specific results, which increases psychological resistance and tolerance for frustration that prevents sometimes progress and generates stress. . Contributes to adequate rest and prevents insomnia. When you exercise, the body is activated and charged with energy to face the day. This makes that at night the body relaxes and can thus rest and fully recover, both physically and psychologically, an essential factor in starting the working day full of energy to face adversity. At the same time avoiding the processes of insomnia generated by the pressure of work. Releases endorphins. One of the effects of physical exercise, and more particularly of high intensity training, is the production of endorphins, which are called “the hormone of happiness” because they are responsible for the improvement. of the state of mind and of starting the Give with positivity and strength. Encourages mind-body union.Stress levels are lower after a workout, as HIIT requires high concentration to control breathing and feel in total control of the body, a factor that helps clear the mind and relax the body. body, necessary to avoid daily worries and face the routine.

In this context, Gympass defends the need for companies to guarantee healthy working conditions by setting up well-being programs for their employees. Thus, after a year of collaboration, it renewed its agreement with TRIB3, a revolutionary sports modality in the world of fitness which now also offers its workouts virtually, live and on demand, led by expert trainers, so that the user can benefit from its advantages in one of its sports centers or at home.

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