Five reasons to stimulate creative thinking in the workplace


Five reasons to stimulate creative thinking in the workplace

Gamification helps promote lateral thinking through actions such as TeamBuilding activities

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – June 28, 2021

Creativity has become one of the soft skills that businesses demand the most lately. Crises like the one we are experiencing mean that the work environment demands professionals who go beyond the norm and are able to offer something more to the companies in which they work. Therefore, it is important that the company itself promotes lateral thinking so that its workers are able to offer the best of themselves. Outfinders, a Spanish company specializing in gamification techniques, highlights five reasons why it is important to promote the creative thinking of its employees:

New Business Acquisition: In a globalized world where competition is enormous in virtually every industry, thinking “out of the box” can make the difference in reaching new customers in a compelling and original way. Moreover, a creative idea can make the difference in the realization of this important project. Problem Solving: There are a multitude of problems that employees face on a daily basis which, while normally easy to solve, always create a more complicated one that requires more attention. The most creative professionals will be able to look at this complication from another angle and imagine solutions that would never have been envisaged, which could even substantially improve the situation which had initially been problematic. Process Optimization: Older companies often have well-established processes that have remained unchanged for years. This is because they are operating normally, but consideration should be given to possible improvement of these processes, which would save the company time and money. These more creative workers will be able to determine if what they have been doing for a long time is the best solution, and they can design new processes that can streamline the day-to-day life of the business. Improving the image of the company: Amazon, Facebook or Google are companies that have become giants thanks in large part to the fact that they have had professionals able to see the company from a new angle from the beginning, and who continue to reinvent it day after day. Having a work team where creativity reigns allows companies to anticipate news in the sector and to show themselves to the market as true visionaries. Professional development: lateral thinking has become one of the great weapons available to employees of a company to stand out within their teams. Creativity is essential for the personal and professional growth of workers. Companies are always relying more on profiles that are out of the ordinary and who are looking for new ways of doing things.

One of the best techniques that can be used to stimulate creative thinking in a business is gamification. For example, thanks to the activities of TeamBuilding, companies can encourage the creativity of their employees while having fun. In addition, these types of actions serve to improve communication and teamwork of staff, also helping to identify key soft skills of employees.

Outfinders carries out ad hoc projects for companies in order to carry out TeamBuilding activities through the game. These projects are made to measure according to the needs of each company and are delivered “turnkey”. In the Outfinders sessions, participants live exciting adventures where through fun, a pica story and the resolution of unique challenges, the mechanisms of development and cohesion of work teams are promoted.

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