Five reasons why corporate training is essential in the “ new reality ”

Five reasons why corporate training is essential in the “ new reality ”

Corporate training has become one of the major trends in the HR industry since the start of the pandemic. And it is that companies and employees have become aware of the need to adapt to new environments, new skills and techniques that emerge in this new reality so ephemeral and changing. While the coronavirus is not the only culprit behind this rapid advance in life in general, it has influenced many aspects that have changed in recent months. And one of them is training.

For this reason, training has become a fundamental objective for a large part of the population. At both professional and personal level, workers have the ambition to broaden their range of knowledge and, for companies, this is a boost. But what are the reasons for this impetus for in-company training? Here are five of them:

The fleeting advance of reality. As we have already warned, life today is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Even before the coronavirus, the transience was enormous and now, still in the midst of the pandemic, everything continues to spin at eTA speed. This speed reveals new skills and techniques that are more than necessary, essential to remain competitive at work and at the company level. Adapting to these new skills is essential to continue to strive for success. Digital transformation. Compared to the previous point, digital transformation is one of the huge advances that we are experiencing. Digital skills are already staple in most businesses and resumes are being developed with virtual skills essential for staying competitive in the job market and for day-to-day productivity. In addition, teleworking has also led to an increase in training in the technological field. Employer brand. If they told us that some time ago, without going that far back, we wouldn’t believe it. And it is that training has become another element of the remuneration for work, a tool to make the employee happier and more content. Corporate education has found its place in pension plans, health insurance or restaurant vouchers as a social benefit that not only affects employee happiness, but also positively affects brand image, attraction and retention of talent. In this sense, proposing a good training strategy can be a differential in the fight for talent. Personal and professional ambition. The ambition of employees has also multiplied in recent times. In addition to competition in the labor market, workers are more ambitious every day, especially the younger generations, they do not settle down and always want to improve in all directions: position, salary, conditions, knowledge … This ambition also positively affects companies because the worker can find, through training, greater motivation on a daily basis and therefore better performance. Changing conditions and security measures. Finally, in recent months, in the last, the need to train workers has increased due to regulatory changes since the start of the pandemic: new hygiene conditions, safety measures, protocols … had to train their employees in all of this and continue to do so, as COVID-19 is here to stay, at least for a while.

These are just a few of the reasons to bet on starting a business in this “new reality”. We will talk about all this and much more in the Webinar Trends in corporate training for 2021: the year of requalification and upgrading of skills’, organized by Speexxy RRHHDigitale next Thursday March 18 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. From the hand of great experts in the field of top-level corporate learning, we will discover the latest trends in corporate training and the essential aspects when implementing a learning strategy in companies .

For this we will have the presence of Elena Gimnez, Managing Director of Speexx, Natalia Grijalba, EY Learning Manager; Andrea Varela, director of training, selection and development of Domus VI; Pablo Flores, Head of Leadership, Talents and Awards at Heineken; and Javier Bello, Learning Manager of BBVA Spain.

The virtual meeting, moderated by Adrin Gonzlez, editor-in-chief ofRRHHDigital, will take place on Thursday March 18 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and you can register by clicking here.

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