Five reasons why employee development and training is necessary


Five reasons why employee development and training is necessary

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BY RRHHDigital, 00:20 – 03 March 2021

We live in changing times, fleeting times and times when nothing can be taken for granted. The coronavirus has caused endless changes and reminded us that nothing is everlasting, that what is a trend today may cease to be booming tomorrow … Therefore, training and personal development and professional have become even more important than in the past.

In a few years, a large part of the tasks or activities that we carry out today in our professions will evolve, be modified or even eliminated to make way for more recent techniques to which we must adapt so that, when the time comes, the train does not we will not escape, go, but we can go up there with the peace and quiet that comes from knowledge.

Besides the need for updating, there are other reasons why employee training and development is essential in what we call the “ new reality ”:

Adaptation to new tasks. We have already made it clear: in just a few years, a large part of the activities and tasks that we have to carry out today will change or even disappear to be replaced by new ones and adapted to the new realities that await us. . The “new” competition. It was perhaps not so common in the last century to change jobs. We know this from our parents and grandparents who on many occasions hardly changed jobs and were able to develop much of their professional career in the same company or industry. Now things have changed. And they did so because of the arrival of new generations who, in general, have a greater capacity to adapt and absorb knowledge. There is nothing left to deal with the digital divide between the generations, which, although it is gradually narrowing, remains significant. Look for new opportunities. Whether through demotivation, ambition or necessity, training and development help us acquire new knowledge that can be vital in finding new employment opportunities, or even starting our own business, and in more than one case , get out of being unemployed. Improve yourself in our work. Because the opportunities don’t just present themselves externally; Opportunities for growth may arise within our own business. Sometimes they can happen arbitrarily, but in others we can seek them out through training and acquiring new knowledge. More than ever. Yes, we know not everyone has seen their free time increase in the coronavirus era, but it is true that restrictions, curfews and lockouts force us to spend more time at home. That extra time we spend outside the home can turn to gold if we decide to use it for training. Therefore, we may be at the best time to train.

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