Five reasons why it is worth taking a healthy venture in post-covid Barcelona

Five reasons why it is worth taking a healthy venture in post-covid Barcelona

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a strong health system equipped with the means to be able to respond to health crisis situations such as the one we are still experiencing. However, this basic public infrastructure cannot respond if there is not previously a private investment, as has been demonstrated with the development of vaccines.

TBS in Barcelona is one of three business schools with the triple crown in Barcelona, ​​and it is fully aware of the importance of the sector in the city. Thus, Pascal Bourbon, professor of entrepreneurship at TBS in Barcelona, ​​gives five reasons why starting a business in the health sector in Barcelona is a good bet:

1. The economic weight of the health sector, strategic for the country

The health sector represents 7% of Catalonia’s GDP, with more than 1,200 companies and 900 entities. This makes the health sector a pillar of the Catalan economy, as well as a lever for change.

2. Large healthcare companies have a notable presence in the region

In Barcelona and its surroundings are the headquarters in Spain of various multinationals of great prestige in the health sector, such as the blood products company Grfols, or the pharmaceutical companies Almirall, Isdin, Bayer, Boehinger Ingelheim or Novartis. These companies have succeeded in integrating not only in the global economy, but also in their respective territories, their implication in the improvement of the local ecosystem and even by being representative of the municipalities where they are established.

3. Barcelona is a land of great medical advances

In Barcelona, ​​Ramn y Cajal discovered the functioning of neuronal cells, Dr Trueta developed a method to treat the war wounded which saved many lives, the first clinic dedicated exclusively to eye health was created – the Barraquer clinic, and is the seat of the first European research institute on AIDS.

It’s no surprise that the tech sector in Barcelona is also betting on 21st century healthcare solutions, like the MediQuo telemedicine app, Anaconda Brain anti-thrombus catheters, or the Neuroelectrics hardware and software platform to treat neurological disorders, among others. companies that also combine technology and health.

“These examples illustrate well the history of Barcelona with the progress of medicine, the improvement of health and the possibilities it offers”, explains Pascal Bourbon, of TBS in Barcelona.

4. Barcelona have a top notch starting system

The 22 @ welcomes both start-ups and leading technology companies, offering an unprecedented ecosystem in southern Europe. This concentration of companies has enabled initiatives such as the Barcelona Health Booster accelerator, whose objective is to promote emerging companies in the health sector. The initiative of Barcelona City Hall, Barcelona Science Park and Biocat aims to promote innovation in the field of health and promote investment in research and is aimed at companies developing pharmaceutical devices, biotechnological or medical created a few years ago. less than five years.

“Barcelona is becoming a magnet for talent with this type of initiative. In addition, the city has always favored new developments and the development of the health sector, thus strengthening its position at the forefront of medical and health R & D & D & i in the world. It is also necessary to underline the presence of investment funds of the territory engaged in health, like Ysois, specialized in biotech, or Sabadell Asabys, with upstream investments in the fields of medtech, biotech and digital health ” , explains Bourbon.

5. Barcelona, ​​candidate for hosting the European Health Emergencies Agency

According to various voices of experts in health and ecology, with climate change, there will be even more pandemics, the European Commission has therefore favored the creation of a new agency capable of managing a health crisis of the magnitude of Covid -19. Management difficulties at European level have highlighted the need to create a specialized body made up of experts capable of advising governments on the best solutions.

The new organization needs to settle in a city that offers leading health research centers, as well as an ecosystem of companies in this field for its development, two conditions that are already part of the DNA of the Catalan capital. Thus, Barcelona presented its candidacy to host the headquarters of the new European Health Emergencies Agency, which is scheduled to start in 2023.

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