Five signs you need to change jobs or turn your career around

Five signs you need to change jobs or turn your career around

Performing our tasks in a way that makes us feel fulfilled is essential for having a full life, however, we may feel that we are not 100% with our professional life and we need to think about the opportunity. to make the decision to change jobs or to continue working. Market Stall

BY RRHHDigital, 02:00 – 18 February 2021

The work we do every day is one of the big decisions of our life, since we devote at least a third of our time to it. Performing our tasks in a way that makes us feel fulfilled is essential to having a full life, however, we will not always feel satisfied. It is possible that we feel that we are not 100% in our professional life and that we need to think about whether to make the decision to change jobs or to keep the position in which we are. To find a solution, the Spanish startup StudentFinance tells you what are the 5 signals to detect if it’s time to change careers and that you need a job change:

This is not the job you wanted. Work is closely linked to personal development. Sometimes we make decisions that gradually distract us from our goal and cause us to forget the path we want to choose. It is important to look back to remember how we see ourselves in the future and what our personal motivations and abilities are, to detect if our work really comforts us and makes us happy. You don’t feel valued. Feeling valued in life in general comforts us and makes us feel good about ourselves. The same thing happens in the workplace. Recognizing accomplishments, after hard work, is key to regaining the energy to stay motivated in what we do. Conversely, when we feel underused and think we can have more weight within the company, demotivation can take over. There is no possibility of growth. The conditions for promotion, the increase in responsibilities and, therefore, the improvement of conditions within the company are a fundamental aspect when choosing a job. Knowing that you can continue to develop your career and education allows you to look to the future with optimism, which doesn’t happen if you feel like you’ve reached the limit of your possibilities and are stuck in the same job. Unable to schedule. Endless workdays by default cause us to suffer long term episodes of stress and discomfort at work, a problem that extends to all areas of our life in general. Not only will it be important for your company to respect working hours, but also to adopt measures to reconcile professional and private life, in the pursuit of the well-being of its employees. A corporate culture different from your values. To feel good about a job, it is important to align with the values ​​it has, such as the way of working, the processes, the internal relations, the beliefs and the behaviors of the human group that makes it up. If your business DNA does not inspire and guide you, you will not be able to give 100% of your possibilities.

What to do when this happens?

Education and the development of skills that the current work scene demands will be the key to entering the labor market or promoting a position or sector and thus achieve an improvement in conditions. For this reason, the Spanish fintech StudentFinance works to democratize access to education and so that people can get quality jobs, thanks to agreements with the best schools and companies at the international level.

Thanks to its funding system based on an ISA revenue sharing agreement, students start paying for their education once they find a job and as long as they have an average minimum salary of € 18,000 gross per year, this which allows them before not having the means that, they have access to regulated higher education. Below this salary, the student does not have to start the repayment scenario, which consists of allocating a fixed average of 13% of the applicant’s gross monthly income to the payment of the ISA debt, without interest and with an average of 45 monthly payments.

In order to meet the needs of a wide range of profiles, StudentFinance offers training in various sectors, such as technology, digital and business, with a wide range of courses that provide the skills necessary to access different professional roles. A growth opportunity where the economic factor is not a problem.

In the words of Mariano Kostelec, CEO of StudentFinance, “the world is changing and the job market is changing too, increasingly demanding new skills needed to grow professionally. We want everyone to find a job that satisfies them and where they can reach their full potential. For this reason, our goal is to make training accessible through this innovative model, which is already triumphing in the United States, and which had a spectacular reception in Spain last year “.

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