Five soft skills valued among employees thanks to Scape Room games


Five soft skills valued among employees thanks to Scape Room games

More than 6 million Spaniards are fond of escape games These activities are perfect for developing professional skills such as leadership or teamwork

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – July 23, 2021

Escape games are increasingly popular across the country. Indeed, more than 6 million Spaniards admit to being fans of this type of game, according to AEJEVER. In addition to having a good time of fun, these types of activities are also widely used in the world of work, as they serve to improve several soft skills that are very important for today’s professionals Outfinders, a specialized Spanish company in gamification techniques, explains What are the 5 main softskills that can be improved with escape games:

Creative Thinking: Escape games pose questions that are difficult to solve with the naked eye. These dynamics force the participant to think outside the box to solve the problem, which will help him in his professional career when faced with complicated situations that require creative thinking to find the solution. Teamwork: One of the main goals of an escape game is for the team to work together to meet the challenge. For this reason, these activities promote team spirit, so that all participants can complement each other, each offering their most important skills in order to solve the riddle posed. Leadership: As in any team, there should always be someone responsible for organizing and encouraging the rest of the members, taking on the role of leader. Escape games will empower these profiles, who will be able to identify the strengths of each member of the group and coordinate action. Planning: Another of the soft skills that can be promoted with these dynamics is that of planning and time management. As the challenge must be solved within a certain time, the game helps the participants to better plan the actions to be carried out, thus avoiding those that will take time without clear feedback. It will also help them strengthen their mental organization, something essential in everyday life to be productive. Work under pressure: Escape games often test participants in very stressful borderline situations, so they need to be able to handle the situation and think clearly, even when the environment is not. auspicious.

“Thanks to escape games, we have succeeded in extrapolating all the problems that we can encounter on a daily basis from the office to a fun environment that will allow us to work with these soft skills so necessary today to improve them”, explains Enrique Arias, founder of Outfinders, who adds: “This is why it is important to train these aspects so that professionals have the necessary weapons to face the difficulties that may arise in the exercise of their profession.

To do this, the ideal is to periodically carry out TeamBuilding activities such as escape games in which companies can reinforce all these skills in their employees while having fun. Outfinders carries out ad hoc projects for companies in order to carry out TeamBuilding activities through the game. These projects are made to measure according to the needs of each company and are delivered “turnkey”. In the Outfinders sessions, participants live exciting adventures where through fun, a pica story and the resolution of unique challenges, the mechanisms of development and cohesion of work teams are promoted.

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