Five tips for overcoming post-vacation syndrome

Companies can help overcome this by incorporating useful new tools that drive digitization and efficiency, focusing on fluid work, flexibility and respect for time, its most valuable value.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 03 September 2021

There is clearly something going on when we return from vacation. After a few weeks at the beach or in the mountains, enjoying family and free time, returning to the office can be very taxing.

Responsibilities overwhelm us and routines push us back. So much so that many professionals see these sensations transform into physical symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, listlessness or drowsiness, to name just a few of the ailments reported by those who suffer from them.

The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) considers these ailments to be the typical ones that appear before a change in routine. However, from the human resources department, we can and from Woffu want to make a powerful contribution to imparting these key tips for overcoming post-vacation syndrome.

1. Bet on a gradual and serene return

The return to routine should not be sudden and overloaded. The return of our people must be well organized, in the sense that it is advisable to plan the work (if possible before the holidays). Either way, one should not overwhelm the people who have just joined after their well-deserved break, nor fill the first week with meetings and deliveries. A good way to calmly get back to your routine is to stick to certain holiday habits, such as an afternoon walk with the children or a coffee on the terrace with friends. Also promote telework and work, for those who can continue to work, but can do so from their favorite vacation destination.

2. Organize sports activities

Sport is a great ally for the release of endorphins, the hormones responsible for calming pain, reducing anxiety and increasing the feeling of pleasure. Have you already organized a sporting activity in your company? If health conditions permit, you can organize a match of paddle tennis, internal Olympics, or yoga or meditation sessions that will all help you get back into the routine with energy.

3. Encourage digital disconnection

Our hyper-connected world does not facilitate digital disconnection at all. 51% of Spanish employees admit to answering emails and business calls during holidays or weekends, according to InfoJobs. And that data has worsened with the pandemic. Reminding our employees that they must disconnect from work outside working hours, weekends and holidays is one of our great responsibilities and challenges, as it not only affects the well-being of our employees. , but also the real productivity of the company. Extending the days indefinitely is not the best practice to avoid post-vacation syndrome.

4. Remind yourself of good habits

Getting your organization back in the business of promoting healthy lifestyles is very important for the physical and mental health of those who work with you, especially after the holidays. During the summer, a lot of people lose the north of their ways. One of the things you can do is remind them of the need to respect sleep habits (something that is generally broken in summer, going to bed later), to find a balanced diet, in which ice cream, tapas and snacks are not are no longer so present. .alcohol and play sports often.

5. Make turning easier with useful tools

It is clear that people who experience the dreaded post-vacation syndrome – or any physical or psychological symptom that resembles it – will have to make a significant effort to get back to the routine and integrate the new habits into their daily lives. However, as a company, we can help them with the incorporation of innovative and useful tools that promote digitization and efficiency, focusing on liquid work, flexibility and respect for time, its most value. precious. Woffu can make things a little easier for all of you. Are you aiming for a good return?

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