Five tips to improve gamification in Spanish companies


Five tips to improve gamification in Spanish companies

72% of employees want to modernize the in-company training they receive from their company with digital games.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – June 24, 2021

Gamification increases employee engagement in teleworking by 600%, according to data from Emeraude Escapes, a startup specializing in gamification for businesses. Therefore, it is not surprising that during the pandemic, the number of Spanish companies that have decided to play online games has increased with the aim of maintaining relations with their employees and improving the unity of teams that worked remotely.

Thus, in this period, gamification has become an essential method for developing the corporate culture and, after the health crisis, it has succeeded in asserting itself as the best system allowing workers to strengthen their commitment to their company.

In addition, according to data collected by Emeraude Escapes in a survey of more than 1,000 teleworking employees, “68% of employees wish to participate in competitive virtual games and 72% wish to modernize the in-company training they receive from their work. business with digital. Which shows how gamification is seen by employees as one of the best options for feeling like part of the company, building community with their colleagues, and increasing their commitment to the company.

For this reason, and with the goal of improving gamification in Spanish businesses, Emeraude Escape has put together five tips that will help businesses move forward and reap the benefits of gamification even more:

Develop gamification according to a goal. Before we start to develop gamification exercises, we need to analyze what are the goals we want to achieve for our business. For this, it is also necessary that we define which workers will participate in it and the strategy that we want to develop in the game in order to achieve the set goal. Online gambling should generate engagement. To get employees to improve their relationship with the business through gamification, it must ensure that engagement is generated. And, to do that, you have to develop engaging and entertaining games that keep participants from giving up. The challenges must be complex but without generating frustration. For this, you can for example offer new resources as you progress in the game. Thus, by overcoming the objectives little by little, different skills are improved and confidence is generated in the participants. Offer rewards. Thanks to rewards, workers are more motivated, which is why they are essential in any virtual game that a company develops. The rewards can be given in the game itself, such as extra points, avatar upgrades, hints … or, they can be tangible in the form of discounts or gifts. Create communities. Gamification is not just about participating in a game, but also about building community. In this way, a worker’s experience does not end at the end of the game but will have the opportunity to interact with the rest of the colleagues in the virtual world. Chat or meeting rooms can be established where employees interact and share their experiences with the game. Measure and analyze results. After the match, we have to measure the results obtained to know if the objectives set with him have been achieved. Only then will we know if it worked and, if necessary, we can spot the issues and find solutions. In this sense, we have to evaluate the usability of the game, the interaction between the participants, the results of the players and the time spent on it by the employees. With this information, we can quantitatively and qualitatively assess the results and analyze the benefits obtained.

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