Five tips to make businesses more inclusive


Five tips to make businesses more inclusive

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 28 March 2021

Getting the job right is a challenge. It takes time and effort to find a position that meets our needs, write cover letters, get an interview and hope that there isn’t too much competition. Pero para las personas con discapacidad, como las personas invidentes, encontrar empleo es un desafo an mayor, debido a las barreras existentes, como los sitios web de empleo inaccesibles, los prejuicios de los reclutadores y la falta de una cultura de inclusin en el lugar of work.

In a recent study, Lenstore analyzed the barriers faced by visually impaired people and found that 75% of blind people in Europe are outside the labor market. The prevalence of this problem is enormous in Russia, where 218,902 blind people are out of work. This country is followed by Italy and Spain, with respectively 181,385 and 105,198 visually impaired people unemployed.

To promote the creation of a more inclusive work environment, Lenstore analyzed best practices in the human resources industry to create this list of 5 tips employers can follow to encourage inclusion in the workplace:

Train your employees on inclusion issues: Much has been said about the importance of offering competitive salaries and benefits, career advancement opportunities, or the flexibility to achieve work-life balance , especially now that many companies have implemented the I Work program. at home typically after COVID-19. But putting employees first also means ensuring that employees with disabilities are received and treated fairly by their peers and managers. This can be achieved by integrating diversity into the set of company values ​​and training employees to apply those values ​​with leadership training sessions, for example. “It is important to set up awareness programs throughout the group, to normalize the insertion of every human being into the labor market regardless of everything that is strictly necessary to do the job, such as knowledge and skills. attitude. Giving conferences and webinars helps a lot to publicize and show the company’s position in this regard, ”says Mariana Bradach, Talent Acquisition Manager and Human Resources Expert at Factorial HR. It is easier for people with disabilities to apply for a job: diversity and inclusion starts with the hiring process. Inclusive businesses should implement tools that make it easy for people with disabilities to apply for jobs. The use of information and communication technologies – especially last year – has helped to create a more just society, but it is important to be mindful of artificial intelligence software. The selection begins with a first filtering through Artificial Intelligence systems, that is to say why it is important to transfer the reality of these people to these algorithms and to design them in such a way that they do not reproduce not the prejudices we have as a company, ”says Gemma Galdn, Founder and Director of Ethics Consulting. “Job offers must be published ensuring that the company is open to all candidates, without discrimination of any kind, specifying that the position is accessible to anyone with the knowledge and skills required by the description From post. For many years, this has been the recommendation of the International Labor Organization, ”adds Carolina Belandia, specialist in human resources and labor law. Garantiza que las personas con discapacidad tengan todas las herramientas necesarias para el desempeo de sus funciones: Ya sea trabajando desde la oficina o desde casa, los empleadores deben asegurarse de que los empleados con discapacidad cuentan con todos los recursos crecer en la y business. Human resources departments need to provide significant support to these employees, and companies need to invest in systems and facilities for people with disabilities. Many offices may need adjustments, such as including braille on kitchen appliance buttons, allocating space for wheelchairs, or reducing noise and distractions in certain areas. Including employees with disabilities in these decisions could be useful in understanding the obstacles they regularly face and in creating an optimal working environment for all. “An easy-to-implement solution is the use of colors and designs that help people, for example, with color blindness or varying degrees of visual impairment, as well as to avoid the problems of architectural barriers, suitable software , ergonomics, etc. ”, explains Gemma Galdn. For Carolina Belandia, accessibility is key: “Legislation has been enacted to ensure that the infrastructure of work centers allows people with reduced mobility to move around and use them. In the case of visually impaired people, it is easier. Simple signage, reliefs on the ground or guide buttons are sufficient. There are also computers and specialized systems on the market to provide access to visually impaired or blind people ”. Start hiring people with disabilities: People with disabilities are a group of unexplored talents. The Lenstore study found that people who are blind, for example, can work effectively in a wide range of industries such as psychology, education, marketing, music or journalism. Hiring employees with disabilities not only increases the reputation of the company, but also brings many benefits. Employees with disabilities have natural problem-solving skills, are motivated, loyal, persistent, can bring new perspectives and solutions to clients, and, by working with others, can participate more actively in social life. Being a company open to diversity also means being able to support suppliers who value this diversity and who offer outsourcing services provided by people with disabilities. Plan inclusive events and group activities: All corporate events, training sessions and meetings should be carefully planned in advance to ensure that they meet the specific needs of employees with disabilities. Familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of each disability is important to ensure that all employees are part of the business of the company. “Understanding brings support, empathy and strong relationships in the workplace. Team building activities are a great way for everyone in the company to understand how their colleagues work. The key when planning a team building activity or event is to communicate with the supplier about the different skills of its employees so that they can advise on the best activities ”, explains Kieron Bowen, Commercial Director of ‘Eventurous, a company specializing in management services. corporate team building events and activities.

The road to inclusion in the workplace is long and there are still many measures to be implemented. Hopefully, the digital transformation will pave the way for a more inclusive work environment for employees with different levels of disabilities and understanding that a lack of basic skills does not mean we can no longer be productive.

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