five tips to promote our well-being when working from home


Changing posture or maintaining a healthy diet: five tips to promote our well-being when working from home

After a year of working from home, long hours of sitting, limitations in gyms and sports centers, and low temperatures can make it difficult to exercise, causing heaviness, fatigue or even pain in the legs. legs.

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 03 March 2021

One year after the start of childbirth, teleworking remains the usual form of work organization for many Spanish families. Spending many hours sitting and the lack of movement that comes with working from home can lead to heaviness, fatigue or even pain in the legs.

Long hours, often in inappropriate chairs, as well as restrictions on the practice of sport normally in gymnasiums and sports centers, lead to impaired blood circulation in our legs. In addition, the low temperatures in much of the Spanish geography do not encourage physical exercise outside, further reducing the possibilities of exercise and, with it, keeping the legs light.

Aquilea, a brand specializing in natural products from Uriach, offers us a series of tips to improve blood circulation and thus prevent possible discomfort such as tired legs, the result of a more sedentary lifestyle:

Avoid maintaining the same posture for too long and stand up frequently. In addition to activating your blood circulation in your legs, you will release the pressure on your veins throughout your body. Take part in sports that help activate your body, such as walking, cycling or yoga, because they promote circulation and make your body lighter. In addition, the practice of physical exercise contributes to good digestion. Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in citrus fruits and fiber. Citrus fruits contain antioxidant properties that are very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Control your weight, because obesity or being overweight can be factors favoring venous insufficiency. Relax. Tension and stress put a lot of pressure on our veins. In addition, massaging from the feet to the thighs or sleeping with the legs elevated on busy days are also great resources for relieving heaviness and promoting our circulation.

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