Five tips to transform your workspace into a relaxing workspace


Five tips to transform your workspace into a relaxing workspace

Organizing spaces, taking care of lighting and decor, as well as adding plants to relieve stress, are some tips you should not miss when organizing your workspace.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – February 18, 2021

The home should be synonymous with tranquility and comfort, especially in these times when teleworking reigns in our society. For many, the place where they live has become their own office, their workspace and, therefore, there is a need to adapt your workspace to be productive and flexible and your home, in general, to feel peace. and well-being all day. . Faced with this need, La Haus, a leading company in real estate technology, gives you some advice on how to change this and make your home the best place to work in a restful environment.

Keep your spaces tidy. Less is more! Clean and tidy spaces are proven to promote a peaceful environment. Take out all your things, do a cleanup, and get rid of what you don’t really need; repair that piece of furniture that you haven’t fixed for so long; Say goodbye to clothes that haven’t been worn for years and only keep what you wear and what makes you happy. Take care of your lighting. Surround yourself with warm lights, they will help you create a relaxing, comfortable and intimate environment; saving yellow light bulbs is a great choice. We also recommend that you avoid overhead lights in your room, make better use of floor lamps, and point the bulbs towards the ceiling for even light. Use flexible wall lights if you are a night reader. Surround yourself in green. Plants will give a more natural touch to your space, they are not only a decorative element, they also help to purify the oxygen you breathe in an enclosed environment, which reduces stress. Sansevieria is one of the most effective plants. Pick a corner and personalize it. In addition to having your own bedroom and bathroom, adapt a corner of your home for you! Whether doing your daily meditation, practicing yoga, exercising, reading or having a glass of wine or a good coffee. Change the scenery. Choose the colors and decoration well. Make your home feel right at home by adding blankets and cushions to your chair, choose a rug that besides being beautiful, is comfortable for walking without shoes on, and avoid bright colors on your walls or floors. furniture because, even if they while they tire, see and become uncomfortable.

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