Five unknown keys to the profession of Community Manager


Five unknown keys to the profession of Community Manager

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 p.m. – January 25, 2021

The figure of the Community Manager has evolved considerably since its introduction, becoming, today, one of the most attractive professional opportunities, especially for young people, more and more attracted by social networks and new technologies. However, there is a lot of ignorance about the functions of this profile, because besides managing editorial calendars for channels with billions of users, they perform many other essential tasks. This is why IMF Institucin Acadmica wants to illustrate this figure, which has become a key factor for companies, brands or products.

As Nimrod Puente, director of the academic area of ​​marketing at the MFI Institucin Acadmica, explains: “The community manager (CM) has become the brand image of the company, the organic communication of the company and the attention. personalized to the customer. And it’s a very powerful 3 in 1 that we can’t miss if we have a business with the goal of positioning and growing. “

The demand for community managers is increasing. In Spain alone, between 60,000 and 70,000 jobs are expected to be created over the next three years, not to mention that the public is demanding more every day in terms of interaction on social media.

Keys to the Community Manager figure

A profile with a decade of history. Social networks started to gain strength from around 2006 when Facebook rose to prominence and the first smartphones began to hit the market, which instantly took the social experience in the pocket. But it was not until the boom of 2010, with the birth of Instagram or the popularization of Twitter, that the need arose to create a position dedicated exclusively to the management of corporate social networks or products. Much more than tweeting and responding to reviews. This profile recognizes the importance of their role, but not their hierarchy or seniority. When this function started to become popular, its main objective was to establish a follow-up of actions and stakeholders related to the company, participating in direct communications with customers, distributors and other institutional agents in a perspective of sharing. information, channeling complaints and requests and informing. on the relevant actions of direct and indirect competitors. Likewise, they have also acquired a relevant role in the animation and dynamization of social networks in channels linked to the activity of companies. Currently, in addition to these functions, many CMs have received specialized training to become one more agent in the process of attracting and retaining consumers, undoubtedly essential for most businesses. An evolution that shows the growing importance of this profile and its work, well beyond the programming of content in each social profile. A job that requires 24/7 availability. Users have the ability to write to brands and businesses any day of the year, anytime. This freedom granted to Internet users adds a hndicap to the CM profile and is none other than the difficulty of having a fixed schedule. So, the job requires some dedication and attention during the weekends or beyond working hours, in case something unforeseen might arise. Although this is not about tweeting or posting 24 hours a day, it is advisable to have a clear organization and schedule and to add good monitoring to be aware of any comments or controversies that may arise in at any time to try to be agile in responses and avoid possible problems. The need to work as a team. Sometimes we tend to think of the CM as the only character associated with networking, but the reality is that there are many more unknown ones, like the social media strategist, in charge of the networking strategy; the social media analyst, essential for analyzing and quantifying social work; or the creative writer, to generate the best content. Profiles that must be associated to go hand in hand with the optimal functioning of the social media space of companies. Indeed, many of them now work in close collaboration with marketing departments, in addition to the communication and institutional relations part, with the aim of strengthening the attributes of products and services and presenting them as alternatives that can influence the process. decision-making for customers and consumers. Being a community manager is not a hobby: it is a job. Work intrusion is the order of the day when one feels easily comfortable doing a job, and precisely in this sector the percentage of people doing this type of work without training is very high. It must be taken into account that brands have approached the consumer through the figure of CM compared to other conventional techniques, which has allowed two-way communication. Therefore, to carry out this work, in addition to having knowledge in digital marketing, Nimrod Puente highlights a series of attributes, such as “being a good communicator, writing correctly or having mental agility in responding to comments, which help to complete the profile of the latter. professionals “.

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