Five ways to make business sustainability sustainable

The founder of Sprout World, the well-known startup inventor of sticking pencils, is passionate about sustainability. He admits that he hates ecology to become pretentious and pompous, and thus offers five ideas that are a good starting point if you want to be greener on a daily basis.

Buy less but better

Consumption can never be stopped, but it takes a lot of thought about how it is consumed. You can think green and sustainable as much as possible in your daily choices, but you have to remember that a high-quality luxury product can be very durable as well. It may be better to buy one item from a luxury brand than three from a low-quality brand. You should only investigate its manufacture and the various logistics or packaging processes of that brand.

Throw away single-use plastic

This trick is very simple and straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of lines of text. Reusable bottles and portable coffee mugs should be used whenever possible. Avoid generating more waste than what is already processed.

Buy products certified or from trusted platforms

You must learn to understand certifications and thus avoid misunderstandings with the products you buy. In order to do this, you need to spend some time researching to decide which product you can or cannot trust.

Rely on opinions based on facts, not words

The founder of Sprout World uses the example of organic products to illustrate this advice. “Personally, I buy a lot of organic food because I think it’s the best for the planet and for my body. However, biological identification is not necessarily the best option for the planet as it requires a lot more land and produces fewer products. So, when you go to the supermarket, it may be better to focus more on locally grown foods, even more than seasonal foods; for example, instead of organic blueberries from South America, try the local strawberry, ”says Michael Stausholm.

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination

It affects both businesses and individuals in particular, if you try to be 100% sustainable from the start you won’t get anywhere because it quickly becomes too overwhelming. The most important thing is to start with small, sustainable options for each day that together can make a big difference.

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