flexibility, adaptability, cost savings …

Discover the advantages of technological outsourcing: flexibility, capacity for adoption, cost savings …

Technology outsourcing has become an indispensable mechanism to be used to achieve greater profitability and success in business. Specialization, in addition to ensuring efficiency, will allow companies to gain in competitiveness. Outsourcing, as such, has no specific formula; In fact, no company, large, medium or small, is exempt from practicing this hiring practice, which does not mean weakness in the face of competitors, but on the contrary, it embodies focusing on what you know. do and delegate what is out of control. hands with the goal of achieving efficiency and success.

This business practice, they explain to us from Hasten Group, has a lot of outsourcing, although in reality its aim is to establish alliances with collaborating companies which will make non-core tasks more efficient and which offer many direct benefits. such as:

It improves the optimization of production processes, since the company can focus on its key tasks and thus increase its productivity. Make significant savings in access to next-generation technologies and infrastructure. It offers increased flexibility and ability to adapt to continuous changes in productive markets. It contributes to significant savings in talent management, allowing optimization of the hiring of temporary, project or long-term staff, increasing or decreasing the workforce without any risk for the contractor. This improves a company’s response times should it take on a project it is not prepared for. It’s a long-standing competitive advantage supported by a rule change and increased organizational reach. Increase commitment to a specific type of technology that improves delivery times and the quality of information for critical decisions. The company has the best of technology without the need to train staff to operate it. It quickly provides information and training services in the face of competitive market pressures.

These positive aspects determine the success of the business; Well-applied technology outsourcing can save up to 50% on business expenses. Although, in this commercial modality, it involves certain risks, among which:

Outsourcing of its own activity, if one of the activities considered to be its own or strategic were to be outsourced, then the company will lose the capacity which makes it a pioneer or a precursor. Loss of control due to the delegation of tasks to service providers, the company can lose control. Depending on the supplier, the business cannot change suppliers quickly and easily enough. In a way, the supplier has to be part of the organization. Outsourcing of a vital activity; Outsourcing a vital activity can be critical. Communication and coordination more difficult, this can be hampered or limited at times by geographic distance or the difference between culture, mission and vision. Staff opposition: Unions often oppose outsourcing, arguing that contractors abuse their workers by paying them low wages, breaking labor laws and breaking safety rules.

After more than 10 years in the technology sector, one of the suggestions of our partners is affirming of Hasten Groups to have the best technological talent, but always under the supervision of our own project. In this line, Hasten Group has worked and has taken a further step, now in its portfolio of services appear Managed Services. This concept, they explain to us in the Consultant, refers to the way of executing projects, in particular, of creating an own team led by UnLead. The projects are coordinated at the client’s home or from our offices, independently and with a single point of contact in the project. The Project Manager is in charge of supervising the working times, their execution and of transferring the information to the client in a dynamic and agile way, thus guaranteeing, in a reliable way, the Lead the execution and the development of the project.

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