Flexible employment, the new trend to fight the economic crisis of the coronavirus

Flexible employment, the new trend to fight the economic crisis of the coronavirus

Covid-19 has caused the country one of the biggest health and economic crises. The employment situation is one of the main indicators of a nation’s economic health and, at present, there are 3,722,900 unemployed, according to data from the Labor Force Survey.

Faced with this situation, some Spanish companies have used ERTE as a temporary solution. However, to fight against this unpredictable future, a model based on flexible employment is strongly emerging in European states. It is a question of hiring, via a flexible system, but with a vocation of permanence, highly qualified professionals. In this way, if the company sees fit, it can take the decision to integrate it indefinitely into its workforce.

However, before the outbreak of the coronavirus, companies were already more demanding in the requirements to seek new incorporations. Therefore, this additional flexibility allows companies to assess whether the selected profile perfectly matches the job sought.

Today, there are also organizations that require qualified professionals to undertake new projects which, a priori, require limited execution time. These companies find it difficult to select mid to high level technical professionals to hire for such a short period.

Qualified professionals

Contrary to popular belief, these flexible jobs are not only geared towards basic positions, such as administrative assistants or clerks. Today, these types of profiles are sought after in middle management in fields such as accounting, marketing, computer engineering or managerial positions.

In recent years, the profiles of male and female candidates have also changed, with some job seekers favoring the project, culture and philosophy of the company over the possibility of staying “for life” in the same company. business. Therefore, these more “ elastic ” employees give companies the opportunity to try new profiles, so that if they match the company, they will add untold value to the company, and if not, both parties can search for other tracks to match. better meet your needs.

To help businesses and qualified professionals find this type of fit, Try & Hire, from S & you, has just landed in Spain. This service can help companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical or health sector to hire specialized professionals such as laboratory technicians, nurses, administrative staff, etc., or companies in the food sector and supermarkets who have need for operations managers to organize the workload in this industry. Likewise, to manage the digital transformation of companies, the ICT profile is currently one of the most sought-after and complies with the characteristics of this innovative solution.

Try & Hire is the new recruitment service of S & you, which comes to Spain from the multinational HR Synergie. After a very positive experience in countries like France, flexible employment is now landing in Spain, as a solution that aims to help Spanish companies that need to fill key positions or that need to promote the launch of new products. or new areas of business for a while. determined: “Now that companies need us so badly, we offer them flexible and high added-value solutions, becoming their partner in managing their talents,” said Slvia Balcells, CEO of Synergie.

According to Imma Arjona, head of S & you, the candidate’s profile is changing: “As a company specializing in the selection of intermediate positions and managers, we increasingly meet candidates who are senior and experienced professionals, very sure of their talent because they know that They are the ideal candidates who work on projects and in a multidisciplinary way. For this reason, these are the ideal profiles that businesses need today. “

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