Flight attendant revealed sex between Saudi princes and secret mistresses in private jets

Billionaires, princes and celebrities around the world often use private planes to travel through the air. These private jets, which are worth millions of rupees, are like a palace moving through the air, in which all the conveniences of worldly comfort are available. Not only that, these jets also have fully trained flight attendants to take care of their guests. Now a shocking revelation has arrived on the dark world of these luxury private jets. A former flight attendant denounced a prince from Saudi Arabia, Russian and German billionaires. This flight attendant named Saskia Swan said she was forced to do everything from sex to cleaning inside her private jet job. Once he was forced to take care of a parrot. Let’s make the whole thing known …

“If the girlfriend found out about his wife, she lost her job”

This flight attendant told in her book Secret of a Private Flight Attendant that she had to sign 8 confidential agreements before joining this job. After that, she got a job with a Russian billionaire with an annual package of Rs 41 lakh. Getting a job changed Saskia’s life. Now she has started to live a luxurious life. The world started to wander in designer clothes. During this time he had to stay in five star hotels. In return, he also received daily allowances. However, there was also another side to this luxurious work. Saskia learns that she will be traveling with her boss’s wife, Irina, and their two children. Saskia traveled from Istanbul to Los Angeles with the Russian billionaire’s wife. But the billionaire quickly left his wife, and Saskia was asked to destroy all secrets about the woman’s presence. This included Irina’s shoes, comb, and bag. Saskia was even told not to see a single hair of Irina on the plane or she would lose her job. Saskia then had to welcome model Savannah, the girlfriend of the Russian billionaire.

Russian billionaire forces Saskia to have sex

Saskia then learns that Russian billionaire Powell is a genuine person and that he also wants “a little more” than the role of a flight attendant. Saskia was warned on a trip to New York that she would be fired if she did not have sex with Powell because it was part of her job. Saskia, who is struggling with debt, is forced to accept her boss’s dinner invitation, but tears come to her eyes. Saskia found a box containing a rag and a diamond necklace. He had dinner with Pavel and after that he took her to his penthouse. Meanwhile, Powell drank and danced and took Saskia to bed for sex. Pavel had taken Viagra during this time. Saskia said when she woke up in the morning she thought I’m a whore? This word kept coming back to his mind. Even after staying at such a luxurious hotel, she felt cheated. After that, this cycle continued and Pavel started having sex with her almost daily.

“The Saudi prince has formed a relationship with his girlfriend in the air”

After several years, Saskia started working with Saudi Prince Hussein. Here, too, their secret affair continued. Saskia said she once caught the Saudi prince and his girlfriend Sabin having sex in the air. Saskia said Prince and his girlfriend’s clothes lay inside the plane and the two were in a compromising position. The good thing is that the Saudi prince hasn’t seen him. Saskia only gave Hussein’s name as the identity of this prince. When Saskia joined this job, she was told it was a safe plane for women. The flight attendants in Jeddah were kept inside the palace and paid a lot of money for having sex with the royal family. During this time, every month, all the girls were tested for AIDS. Saskia said that while working with a German billionaire, she had to take care of her pet parrot. The German billionaire was very fond of this parrot.

Expensive clothes, traveling the world … Saskia used to live such a life

Saskia said that after joining this job, she was given very expensive clothes, shoes and luxurious suitcases. During her work, Saskia traveled from Caribbean countries to the Maldives. During this time, a salary of $ 450 and a cost of living of $ 125 were donated per day. There was no cook on this ship, so all catering work had to be done by the flight attendants. This included the purchase of wine, flowers, etc. All the ingredients for cooking inside the plane also had to be purchased on their own. Later, the customer paid all the money. During her six-month job, Saskia worked with Saudi princes, Russian elites, and German billionaires. In this, many billionaires were worse than others. After the arrival of this book by Saskia, it is now debated around the world.

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