flight bookings increase by 400%

Posted: Monday July 19 2021 7:40 AM

From this Monday, Britons who come to Spain for their holidays and are vaccinated should not be quarantined on their return, as agreed by their country’s government, which has triggered the reserves to fly to the ‘Spain from there to 400%.

The UK government is keeping all of Spain at a red light, which means that upon returning to their country they must self-quarantine, but it has exempted those who have received the vaccination schedule from this requirement. complete, although they will need to undergo two COVID tests before and after the trip.

In this sense, sources from the Air Lines Association suggest that the trigger for this pressing increase was the relaxation of the rules (for example, as of today, the mask is no longer mandatory on the island. British). But when it comes to flights, they recall, the percentage of bookings started from very low levels, so the increase after the end of quarantines was predictable.

Airlines prepare for tourism movement

Ryanair and Easyjet, among other airlines, have increased frequencies and capacities with the UK, but also with other major transmitters, such as Germany, in anticipation of retracted demand due to increased infections, which had caused cancellations and reductions in reserves. in various parts of the country.

This past Friday, London announced that travelers returning from France to England must continue to maintain a ten-day quarantine today even if they are fully vaccinated, against its initial decision to allow them to enter without the need for s ‘isolate. For the moment, this only concerns France.

The evolution of British tourism is key for the figures in Spain, as it is the number one source of tourists, with more than 18 million admissions in 2019, to which restrictions are now lifted in the future if they are vaccinated (approx. 35 million citizens).

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