Flights from UK suspended from today except for Spaniards and residents

Posted: Tuesday, Dec 22, 2020 7:03 AM

As of today, inbound flights from the UK are suspended except for citizens or residents of Spain. The measure, announced on Monday by the government, takes effect on Tuesday.

The measure, which for some, like the PP, is late, was taken, they explain to Moncloa, after the need for coordinated measures was revealed in Brussels, which Spain demanded.

In fact, the decision to suspend flights was taken in concert with Portugal and furthermore “border control in Gibraltar will also be tightened, once it is detected that there is a case, according to the Kingdom. – United, in the Rock with the new strain.

From La Moncloa it is recalled that in order to enter Spain it is mandatory that all passengers from countries or areas at risk undergo a diagnostic test for active infection, PDIA, for SARS-Cov-2 in the seventy-two hours prior to arrival with a negative result.

Spain was one of the few European countries not to take action after announcing this new strain, as were others like the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Poland.

There is no evidence that the new variant is more deadly than previous ones, but there are indications that it is more contagious, which raised alarm bells on the continent and contacts between community partners before the possibility of more countries joining this already threat of becoming an isolation from Britain.

Here’s what we know about the new strain of COVID-19

Given scientific evidence that indicates the new strain speeds up transmission of the virus by up to 70% more, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced on Saturday to change population movement plans for this Christmas, with measures severely restrictive in much of the UK.

Although this variant is spreading rapidly, there is no evidence that it is more deadly or that it could have an impact on the effectiveness of vaccines developed against COVID-19 and already provided in some countries, including the United Kingdom. , although this point is urgently evaluated for confirmation.

The vaccine, also effective against this strain

Despite the uncertainty surrounding this new epidemiological situation, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, called for calm regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine. With the information ‘we have’, he said, ‘the vaccine is also effective against this strain from the UK’.

Precisely, vaccination will begin in our country and in the rest of the European Union next Sunday, December 27, in a coordinated action. For the moment, Spain has bought 20 million doses, but will receive “periodically deliveries from Pfizer”. In addition, Salvador Illa hopes that “on January 8, Moderna’s vaccine will be approved”.

The socialist leader indicated that between May and June, “if everything goes as it should, there will be around 20 million people vaccinated” and in summer, “70% of the population”. In this sense, he said that during the summer season “we will be in a situation more similar to that of 2019” and we will be able to travel as before.

From next Sunday, they will begin to vaccinate residences and health workers working on the front line against the coronavirus. This process will take place between January and February and involves the vaccination of approximately two million people. The criteria of “transmission, vulnerability or essential trades will also be taken into account, and thus groups will be formed”.

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