Flooding in New South Wales: Heavy rains in Australia lead to worst flooding in New South Wales

New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, experienced severe flooding decades later. Due to flooding caused by heavy rains, the lakh population is forced to leave their homes. At the same time, the weather service forecast rains in these areas for several days. The government has given instructions to people living in low-lying areas to immediately leave their homes and move to safer areas.

The worst floods in the past 10 years
The New South Wales State Disaster Service responded to 640 calls for help on Saturday, including 66 for a safe evacuation. State Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said hundreds of people had been rescued. He said such a disaster occurred for the first time in nearly a hundred years, and orders have been given to evacuate people from many places on the state’s mid-coast.

Police evacuate people from the lower zone
Residents of parts of the city of Sydney were also affected by the flooding. Local police and relief agencies are patrolling the entire flood-ravaged area. Local authorities are urging people not to travel to areas affected by the floods.

Dam water overflow
The water supply has also reached record levels at the Warragamba Dam, which supplies water to the city of Sydney. It is said that for the first time after 2016, the water in this dam is overflowing. The meteorological department has warned that no flood relief is expected until next Thursday. Because in the next few days it will continue to rain.

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