Florida condo collapse: Florida officials say scores are missing after oceanfront building collapses

A 12-story building named Champlain Towers, built right across the ocean in Miami, Florida, suddenly collapsed. So far, one person has died in the crash, while no clue of 99 people has been found. The rescue team has so far rescued 102 people safely. Local police and the fire team are also working together to rescue those trapped under the debris.

Serious injuries to many people
Miami Mayor Daniela Levin Cava said the building is 12 stories tall and has more than 130 units. He said rescue work will continue until everyone in the building has been evacuated. Miami-Dade Deputy Fire Chief Ray Jadallah said many of those rescued were seriously injured. They were asked to be sent to local hospitals for treatment.

Cause of building collapse still unknown
The local mayor said the exact cause of the building’s collapse was not yet known. A team of structural engineers will investigate the cause of the building’s collapse. A team from the local fire department and Surfside will also assist. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said roofing work was being done on the building, built in the 1980s. He refused to accept it as the reason for the building’s collapse.

Cries of people buried under the rubble
Miami-Dade Deputy Fire Chief Jadallah confirmed sounds were heard under the rubble. Most of the noise comes from under the parking lot. The firefighters are trying to reach them as soon as possible. Sonar systems, search cameras, hammers and heavy machinery are also used in this field.
State of emergency declared in Florida
Given the severity of the accident, the Florida government issued an executive order to provide financial assistance to the families of the victims. He said an emergency has been declared in the region. So that law enforcement agencies and other government departments can use all necessary resources for building rescue and salvage work, in accordance with the requirements.

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