Florida Donald Trump wins: Donald Trump retains America’s ‘UP’, as Biden breaches Arizona – Donald Trump retains Florida Joe Biden overthrows Arizona amid close race for US election results

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Donald Trump has largely held up Florida in terms of election results. The path to becoming President of the United States is believed to be through Florida, which Biden captured in Arizona, shocking the Washington Republican Party.
US President Donald Trump retained his position in his home state of Florida after the election results were beaten. The road to power in the United States is believed to be through Florida. On the other hand, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden captured Arizona long after, giving the ruling Republican Party a brutal shock. With that, Biden has now received 11 votes from Arizona, which puts him in the race for the presidential election.

Arizona has long been a stronghold of the Republican Party, and Trump killed Hillary Clinton in the last election. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has regained an important state like Florida. All of America was watching the Florida election. With this victory, Trump won 29 electoral votes. Florida is considered very important in the US elections. This victory was necessary for Trump to be re-elected president. Now everyone is watching Visconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It is believed that the results of these three states will decide the president.

What are these 12 states, which are currently ahead?

StatesTrends / ResultsTextSump WinsArjonabideen WinsFloridaTrump WinsMissiganTrump AheadPensilaniaTrumpWorldConsinTrumpWorldCarolinaTrumpForwardNavadrumpForwardNotasBaiden WinsGeorgiaTrumpadobideVirginByDen Wins
President becomes winner in Florida
Florida’s story is that since 2000 the candidate who won from here has become the President of America. Not only that, every time the Republican Party comes to power only after winning the Florida election. Earlier in 2016, Hillary Clinton lost the election to Florida with just 1% of the vote. The state is home to a large number of people from Latin American countries. This time, Trump performed well in the election.

In the United States, Biden leads the presidential poll, but his rivalry with his rival and Republican candidate Donald Trump continues. To reach the White House, one must win at least 270 “electoral college seats”. Pennsylvania officials had said it would take another day before their results were clear by Wednesday morning. There are 20 major “constituency seats” in Pennsylvania.

Estimates are not announced on several major “ battlefield ” states
Several major media organizations have yet to announce their estimates for major “battlefield” states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia and Naveda. “Battlefields” are called states where the trend is not clear. At the same time, Biden won in New Jersey and New York. In New York City, Biden received 2.2 million votes and Trump received 1.2 million votes. The former vice president has won in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont and Virginia, according to “New York Times” news.

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